My first Ellora's Cave book, SEDUCED BY MAGIC, is available today.

This the first in my Magical Seduction series, based on an Etruscan mythology featuring folletti (fairies), linchetti (elves), salbanelli (satyrs) and an entire pantheon of gods and goddesses you've probably never heard of.

If you enjoy erotic romance, you're in for a treat, because the men are hot and bold, the women are strong and feisty and the sex is magic. Literally.
Hope you enjoy it and want to read more about this world I've created because next up you'll get to meet a very sexy linchetto named Antonin.

Here's a taste to get you going: (If you're under 18, this is not for you)


Sprawled in the center of the bed, he murmured something in his sleep and rolled onto his back. Her breath caught in her throat at his masculine beauty.

Her fingers slid from his broad shoulders to his firmly muscled chest then dipped to caress his nipples. The little nubs hardened under her touch and she tweaked them before continuing a downward path to his flat stomach. By the time she reached the line of fine, dark blond hair that arrowed straight to his large cock, he had already thickened in arousal.

She allowed her fingers to curl around his hard length, smiling at the way his shaft pulsed in her hand as more blood rushed to the organ. The flesh became hot to the touch and her fingers tightened in response. When he moaned in his sleep, her sex clenched and the ache low in her gut became all-consuming.

She needed to ease that ache. Now.

Releasing him, she slid onto the bed and straddled his thighs, bracing her hands on the hard muscles of his chest. Such strength under velvet skin. She could stroke it all night. Barely able to see his features in the dark, she blew a stream of power at the bedside lamp. When it flickered to life, it allowed her to see him completely.

Asleep, his face looked almost boyish. Another smile curved her lips as her gaze shot back to his groin. Maybe not so boyish.

But, oh, his face. So classically handsome. Strong, square jaw. Straight, aquiline nose. His eyes were closed but she knew they were lightly colored, green or blue. His hair was blond but not one simple shade. It was caramel and wheat and gold. Colors that bespoke his work outdoors.

Chasing her.

Her smile fled as her eyes dropped to his lips. Firm and straight, they were parted slightly as if he was having trouble breathing.

Good. She wanted him to suffer. Wanted to make him pay for the worry that ate at her. She would take her pleasure tonight. But he would find none. And he would remember this only as an unfulfilled dream in the morning.

Of course, if she killed him tonight, he would remember nothing.