Check This Out

My good friend, Adele Dubois, has a great story in DREAM TRAVELER, (Ellora's CaveISBN-13: 978-1419914720Genre: Futuristic/RomanceFormat: ebook)

The book was a Stroke of Midnight Award-winner and ParaNormal Romance calls it "HOT HOT HOT!"

Check out this story (if you can tear your eyes away from the cover):

Emily Hopkins has sexy daydreams and secret erotic fantasies that are suddenly coming true. And they're ruining her life.

All she wanted was some zing in her sex life. After twenty-five years of an otherwise happy marriage, her perimenopausal hormones keep her constantly aroused just as her nest empties and her husband naps each night in the family room recliner after supper.

When Emily wins an island getaway she hopes the beach fling with her husband will cure her midlife blues. Trouble is, the prize doesn't include him. There's another tiny entry detail she missed without her reading glasses - the exotic island is a youth-restoring, anything-goes sex theme resort.

Emily faces the choice between her marriage vows and Paradises' wild carnal pleasures. Will she surrender to temptation? Or will Emily discover the secret to renewed marital passion and live happily ever after?
Stephanie Julian