RT, Speechless and Still Smiling

I'm a huge JR Ward fan (and closet cellie), as anyone who knows me can attest. I love the Black Dagger Brotherhood series and, as a writer, I aspire to write stories that move my readers as much as Ward's entrance me.

So, I'm at the bookfair at the Romantic Times convention in Pittsburgh Saturday. The rest of the week had been pretty interesting, I stockpiled a lot of knowledge for future events and hopefully got to meet a few readers who will pick up my book. As my friend, Jen Blackwell, and I were cruising the aisles, we decided to pay homage to JR. Jen first told me I had to read this book DARK LOVER and we have all her books (I actually have two copies of Lover Revealed, one signed and one that lives by my bed, don't ask).

When we got to her table, we gushed and she looked at my nametag and said she was glad I stopped by, she'd been looking for me. Now, my brain sputtered to a stop and I thought, obviously I'd misheard her. Can't imagine what my expression was because this is a writer I admire so much and await her book releases with baited breath. And she was looking for me.

Turns out someone had directed her to my blog on the romerotica authors blog where I talked about wanting to meet her and Lora Leigh and generally stressing about being a wallflower at RT. She said she had felt the same way and wanted to say hi. We talked for a little...at least, I hope I said something coherent. And then I found my friend Judi Fennell, who had the forethought to bring a camera, and she took the pix. If you look closely, I'm sure you can tell I'm dazed and smiling so hard, my face hurt.

I'm not an outgoing person. RT was interesting and fun but also difficult in a way most people can't understand. The ebook fair and the Ellora's Cave party Wednesday were lessons in facing my fears. I got through both relatively unscathed and I think next year's RT may be less harrowing.

But that five-minute chat with JR Ward, who is so gracious and so freaking nice, made my entire week. Thanks to the WARDen, I'm still smiling.