New Week, New Ways to Procrastinate

I should be working on my new story right now. The file is open on my desktop. The house is empty, no one's home to distract me. I've had lunch. I've got a box of Junior Mints on my desk.

Still...I can't quite settle down to write. I got a few pages written this morning. Not enough, though. It's never enough, is it? Because there's always something else.

Like email. Love it. Hate it. Can't live without it. Today, it brought me a present.

I'm a huge My Chemical Romance fan. I took my boys to see them three years ago and the amount of energy those five guys generate is amazing. Singer Gerard Way is a spellbinding frontman and Ray Toro's guitar chops kick ass.

In February 07, we had tickets to the Black Parade show in Philadelphia. Unfortunately Mother Nature had it in for me and, on the way to the concert, my car, loaded with my two kids and two of their friends, skidded on the ice and hit a guard rail. Needless to say we never got to the concert. You don't want to know how much or how long it took to get my car fixed.

A few weeks later, I discovered they were coming to the arena five minutes from my house. I ordered tickets in minutes. They canceled the show due to food poisoning. I was heartbroken.

Today, I got an email that MCR is releasing a DVD of their concert in Mexico City. I'm preordering my copy today.

So what does my obsession with MCR have to do with writing?

MCR's music has such a propulsive energy, it's provided fuel for my writing for the past four years. The primal scream underlying "I'm Not Okay" gave the heroine of my WIP her backbone. The heartbreak of "I Don't Love You" fueled the black moment in my two of my stories. "Helena" helped me work through a death sequence. And the rhythm of "Famous Last Words" infuses a major fight scene in one of my stories. When that one's published, I'll let you know when to start the song on your iPod as you're reading and you'll see what I mean. And that's not taking into account how much plotting I've done listening to the album while I drive or run.

June can't come soon enough. And guys, please come back to Reading.

All you other writers, tell me how you procrastinate.