Seduced and Ensnared Releases Today!

The third book in my Magical Seduction series from Ellora's Cave will be released today, Wednesday Sept. 10.

SEDUCED AND ENSNARED features Cam de Feo, the oldest (and most alpha) de Feo brother.

Cam is an Etruscan linchetto who plans to use Stella Palmer as bait to entrap her evil uncle. But when he seduces her into his bed, he's consumed with a heated passion for the beauty with a secret. When the smoke clears, will he lose her or live happily ever after?

I have to admit that Cam is my favorite of the de Feo brothers. He's got that whole quiet, dark Alpha-male thing going that just makes me sigh. And Stella is no shrinking violet. She's not afraid to go after what she wants.

Here's a taste of SEDUCED AND ENSNARED. Hope you enjoy!


Stella realized the guy she’d been eyeing all night was finally making his way toward her, a hard look on his strangely handsome face.

Earlier in the evening, she’d thought he was avoiding her. He’d managed to stay halfway across the room at all times, no matter where she wandered.

She hadn’t seen him talking to anyone. Usually he was holding up a wall with what looked like a tumbler of whiskey in his hand. She couldn’t tell for sure but he must have been nursing that one glass all night. She hadn’t seen him near the bar.

Obviously she’d been watching him way too much. But there was something about him that drew her attention, something in the intensity of his eyes…

He didn’t look like a man she’d typically date. For one thing, his hair was too long. Not shaggy or unkempt, just too long. Well below the collar of his ridiculously expensive suit—she recognized a Hugo Boss when she saw one—and almost to his shoulders. It was curly, not just wavy. He had natural curls a woman would kill for. She was surprised they didn’t make him look feminine.

Hell, the curls didn’t even soften the harsh lines of his face. Not that he wasn’t handsome. He was. But he was handsome in the way a bull was a beautiful animal. You could almost see the power he held beneath his skin. Contained. Leashed.

Boy, wouldn’t she love to see what he could do with all of that—

Oh shit. She definitely shouldn’t be thinking about sex when he was only feet away from her. That would only lead to problems. And she had enough on her plate at the moment.

When he was close enough to touch, the man stopped, locked his gaze with hers and held it captive. She tried to smile politely but for some reason, she couldn’t. Or rather he wouldn’t let her, because polite just wasn’t a word he appeared to be acquainted with.

Heat curled low in her body, radiating into the warm hidden place between her legs, and every synapse in her body fired with lust.

Be careful, you fool. You don’t have time for an affair—especially with this guy.

He’d burn her to a crisp. But she’d go with a smile on her face.
Stephanie Julian