So, It's been a while...

And yes, I can claim busy as an excuse. Family, work blah blah blah...

But I have to admit the real reason I've been MIA... Complete and utter procrastination.

Why? Well, that's a little harder to pin down though I can say most of it is due to being in limbo.

For writers, limbo is hell. It's that time between finishing the book and selling (or not selling). When you're waiting for that one editor (or two or three, hey, I can dream) to say "I love this, here's a contract. Write me ten more."

Limbo is hitting your email button every five minutes, even though new email alerts pop up on the screen automatically. Limbo is hoping the weekends pass quickly because no one does business on the weekends. Limbo is pouncing on the phone then swearing at it because you have Caller ID and that isn't your agent's phone number.

Limbo sucks because while I'm waiting for news, I'm should be writing. And I do. I force myself to write but my heart's not in it. I even have a new story to work on and I can't quite get motivated. So what do I do?

Well, today, I'm starting a new project, something completely different, allowing myself to have fun. Even though I have revisions for a completed manuscript to work on and a new EC story halfway complete, I need to give myself that breathing room. Even if it's just for the day or the week, just let myself go and see what happens. Hopefully that will free my mind to go back to my other projects. And maybe I'll end up with something totally new and fresh and great.

Hey, we can all dream.