Happy New Year

Here's to a brand new year.

New ideas to dream. New stories to write. New markets to conquer.

For the past two weeks, I haven't done much writing. My sons have been home from school, so there's been loud music, yelling, guitar strumming and general mayhem. Not much peace for writing.

I have managed to do a lot of thinking. About the career I hope to grow and the books I want to write. Last year, I had a lot of optimism but as the year came to a close, that optimism faded as rejections began to come in and the publishing industry began to crash. Still, editors seemed to be buying. Just not me.

Why not me? That was a question I asked quite a lot as I sat at my desk, analyzing and overanalyzing every word I wrote as I worked on a proposal. Jealousy reared its ugly head but mostly what I felt was depressed.

And then I started to think. I do have a publisher I'm pleased with. Ellora's Cave has been great and I just got a brand new editor who loves my writing. My first print book will be released this spring. I have a slew of stories in mind just waiting to be written.

I'm grateful for that. I'm grateful that I have an agent who believes in me. I'm grateful for the friends I can call or email and say damn, I hate this job or look at this great review. I'm grateful that my husband loves me and understands what I'm trying to do. That my teen sons wanted to get me a publishing contract for Christmas. They understand too.

This year, I've resolved to continue. That's all. I will continue to write, to hone my craft and dream up new stories. To learn all I can about the industry and make my stories as appealing as possible to an editor so she'll want to buy it.

That's what all writers should strive for--to continue to get better.

I'll go to the PASIC conference in NYC in March to listen to what the editors are saying about the industry. I'll go to RT in Orlando in April to connect with readers. I'll go to Washington, DC, in July to soak in all the knowledge available at the RWA National Conference. Later in the year, I'll head to Ohio for Ellora's Cave's first reader event. I'm looking forward to a busy year.

I'm also hoping it will be a productive one. I'm eager for the boys to return to school (yes, Mean Mommy) so I can return to my writing schedule. I've got a proposal to finish, edits to work on, a new series to start.

And a career to continue.