I Love Bruce Campbell

I'm a diehard cult movie fan and I have my mom to thank for that. From the time I was 10 until I had children of my own, my mom and I would seek out weird and wonderful films.

So in 1981 when I was 16, I read an article about Stephen King where Uncle Stevie raved about this film called "The Evil Dead." Being huge King fans, my mom and I immediately put this on our must-see list. And we weren't disappointed. It still ranks as one of the creepiest movies I've ever seen.

The film starred an actor named Bruce Campbell and I was smitten. He was handsome, sarcastic, funny and just the man you want to be stuck with in a rundown cabin in the forest or in medieval Europe. Through the years, I saw some pretty funky movies because Bruce Campbell happened to be in them. He made each and every one better. For years, he was a fixture in my favorite magazine, Fangoria.

Occasionally he'd pop up on TV (the Hercules and Zena shows are my favorites) and he even had a whole series, "The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr." for one glorious year.

Last year, "Burn Notice" debuted and though Jeffrey Donovan makes me go "Oh, my" in my best Susan Sarandon/"Bull Durham" impression, I watch "Burn Notice" for Bruce Campbell. He quips, I smile. He swears, I smile. He smiles, I smile. He shoots something with that inimitable smirk and I smile. He runs away from an explosion and flies through the airs and I smile. I'm sure you see a pattern.

As a romance writer, I typically write about ripped, gorgeous heroes who save the day with a stoic expression and the fewer words the better. But the hero in my first Magical Seduction story, SEDUCED BY MAGIC, is a smart ass with a quick smile and a penchant for using 25 words when 5 would do.
Thank you, Bruce Campbell.