Rock Wednesday (Yeah, I know it's Thursday)

Lifeline by Papa Roach

I know, day late. Sorry. Life.

I saw Papa Roach earlier this year along with Seether and Staind, and as much as I enjoyed Seether (not so much Staind) Papa Roach had a kinetic energy that really struck a chord.

I'd been a casual fan since "Infest" but the live show converted me into a true believer. "Scars," "To Be Loved" and "Last Resort" are all favorites on my Sirius, but when I heard "Lifeline," I thought, okay, they've really got it there.

Their new song (the album won't be released until March) has a hooky chorus and a plinky guitar riff that sticks with you.

True, it sounds like a bid for crossover appeal but don't hold that against them. They've been making sing-along hard rock for a while and they just keep getting better.
Stephanie JulianPapa Roach