Rock Wednesday

I Hate My Life by Theory of a Deadman

The first time I heard this song, I was driving somewhere and I only caught the end of it. I remember being depressed and pissy at the time, thinking about throwing my hands in the air and saying enough already, I've had it with this writing business, I quit. I do that every now and then but have never followed through on the threat.

Then I heard this song and the last few lines made me smile then laugh. And I thought, this has got to be my theme song.

Yes, it's from a guy's point of view but the tone speaks to anyone in the same boat and there are so many of us, we may as well have booked passage on the Titanic. Without Leo, of course.

Life sucks. Well, not everything in life sucks, but uncertainty lurks around every corner. Every day there's another blog about another editor in the publishing industry losing their job or an editor or agent leaving for greener pastures.

Writers are, for the most part, a nervous bunch. Will I get a new contract? Will my editor like my next book? Will my agent be able to sell my breakout book in this economy? Will I be able to pay the bills next month?

We all need a little levity now and then. Listen to this song and I dare you not to at least smile.