To start release week, here's another short taste of SEDUCED BY CHAOS, due Wednesday from Ellora's Cave.


Lacey’s expression held no anger, no disdain. In fact, her eyes held a trace of heat.

He wondered how fast that would change if he told her everything.

Their gazes caught and held. And held. Finally, she blinked and looked away, under the pretense of tapping a beer no one had asked for.

Teo glanced to his left. Rosie and Rio were holding a private conversation, their heads close together. Rosie’s tone was teasing, Rio’s husky. Teo knew if he looked closely, he’d see the flush of desire on Rosie’s cheeks and a sexual gleam in Rio’s eyes.

And so much love, Teo swore he could touch it like a forcefield around them. It came from being blood bound. The ancient ritual of a blood exchange during sex tied a couple’s souls together through centuries and lives. It made them more than a couple. It made them a whole.

Teo looked back at Lacey, who looked up at that moment, beer in hand. She placed it in front of him.

“I can take care of myself.” Her voice held no heat, arms crossed loosely over her chest. “I’ve actually had a lot of practice at it.”

Something in her tone scratched at his brain, hinted at darkness in her past. Not that he saw any trace of it in her expression. That was smooth and clear. Too smooth.

He’d sensed something in her before. Something hidden. He wanted to know what.

Tilting his chin up just a hair, he watched her eyes narrow. “I don’t recall saying you couldn’t take care of yourself.”

Her beautiful face tilted to the left. “I could have gotten rid of them myself.”

Yeah, she probably could have. Eventually. And without the mess he’d made of it.

“But,” she said, “I…appreciate the effort.”