Seduced by Chaos Release Day!

SEDUCED BY CHAOS, the fifth book in my Magical Seduction series from Ellora's Cave, will be released today.

Which makes this a special day. Not even sullen teenagers, misfiring web programs and (ack!) a new hairstylist can dampen today's energy.

And that's because my story, the one I've slaved over, cried over, thought over and slept on will finally take its bow. The outside world will be able to read all about Lacey and Teo and share in their romance.

As a romance writer, that's what I strive for, to make the reader fall in love along with my hero or heroine. Not just to come along for the ride but to share the emotional highs and lows. I want you, the reader, to form an emotional attachment to the characters in my books.

I write paranormal so, along with the romance, I also have to make you believe that magic is real. And it is.

Magic happens every day all over the country. Fingers flying over keyboards create a certain kind of magic that transports you to Victorian England, on safari in the Amazon, or in the heart of New York City. Those of us who wield that magic try not to question it and only hope others will come along for the ride.

Here's hoping you enjoy Teo and Lacey's trip. It's a wild one.