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The first m/f/m menage in my Magical Seduction series features strega Nica, a witch on a deadline, and twin brothers Jensen and Tanner, who fall for her.

Book Seven in the Magical Seduction series

One woman. Two brothers.

It was supposed to be one night only—an escape into pleasure. A night for Nica to forget her obligations and her secrets. Through hours filled with sensually wicked exploration, an emotional connection develops with the two gorgeous brothers she had no way of anticipating. But a stranger with an ultimatum and a dangerous power forces her to reveal her own magic to save her new lovers.

Now Tanner and Jensen are drawn into a world they never knew existed by a woman whose abilities they can barely comprehend. But they won’t let the fact that they have no magic get in the way of protecting their woman. Even if it means sacrificing their lives.


Jensen walked ahead to open the front door and wave her through. Tanner slid past her and turned left, flipping on a light and illuminating a sitting room as he continued into the kitchen at the back of the house.

“Do you want something to drink?” Tanner asked as he opened the fridge, grabbing a bottle of water.

Behind her, she heard Jensen close and lock the door.

And her breath caught in her throat, her stomach clenching in anticipation.

Jensen stopped next to her, drawing her gaze. He watched her with those blue eyes, the hunger and heat she saw there ensnaring her attention.

His hands, large and solid, cupped her face, the warmth of his skin sending shivers down her back, forcing her lips to part so she could breathe.

He held her gaze for so long, she thought she might have to kiss him. Vaguely, she heard the refrigerator door close then footsteps sounded on the wooden floor behind her.

Would Jensen kiss her first or would Tanner touch her?

Each second that passed as she waited for the answer tortured her.

When Jensen finally moved, she drew in a deep breath. And when his lips touched hers, her mind blanked to everything but the sensation of his skin on hers.

He moved his lips over hers slowly, as if savoring. Then his mouth opened over hers, his tongue slipping between her lips to stroke along hers.
Nica sank into the kiss, gave herself up to the waterfall of sensation it caused.

Jensen kissed with the same intensity he’d shown earlier in the bar. Totally focused on her, he overwhelmed her and she drowned in him.

All while touching her nowhere but her face. And still, her entire body vibrated, hanging on the edge of expectation.

Her hands lifted to his hips, grasping at the waistband of his pants, though she didn’t know if she needed an anchor or if she wanted to anchor him to her.

Her heart pounded against her ribs, her mouth and body responding eagerly to Jensen while waiting for Tanner’s touch.

With her eyes closed, her other senses went on overload. Her ears strained for the slightest hint that Tanner was moving closer. She swore she felt his body heat on her back through the thin material of her shirt.

And still he didn’t touch her.

Was he watching? Was that all he’d do?

Would it matter?

Tilting her head to the side, she started to give back to Jensen as good as she got.

With a groan that rumbled against her chest, Jensen’s fingers slid across her cheeks and into her hair, shivers radiating out from the point of contact. His hands sank into her hair, the strands catching and pulling, erotic little tugs that made her moan.

Her hands clenched and pulled his hips closer. She needed to feel how much he wanted her, needed to know that he did.

And he didn’t disappoint. His erection a thick rod against her lower stomach, she shifted, rubbing against him to ease the growing ache between her legs.

As if she’d given him permission, Jensen’s hands released her hair and settled on her shoulders then slid down her arms, as if to warm her. His rough caress added fuel to the burn already boiling through her blood.

When he started to ease away from her mouth, she tried to maintain the contact as long as possible. She didn’t want to stop, not for anything.
Stephanie Julian