Seduced by Two is released today!

I'm so thrilled! My first menage is out today.

I had so much fun writing it and I hope you enjoy.

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SEDUCED BY TWO is the story of brothers Tanner and Jensen and Nica, the woman they both come to love. The seventh book in the Magical Seduction series, Seduced by Two features cameos by a few of my favorite characters including my darling Sal. Here's a little piece of him for you today.


Tanner slid out slowly as Jensen followed on Nica’s heels. His brother only had eyes for Nica. Tanner took it slower, checking out their surroundings, noticing the faint but elaborate decoration on the wood trim around the front door.

Nica knocked once before pulling out a key from her back pocket, an old skeleton key that she fit into the lock and turned.

The door swung open soundlessly and she waved them into a small foyer.

The house looked…normal. Maybe stuck in an eighties’ time warp but… He didn’t know what he’d been expecting but normal hadn’t occurred to him.

Even the dark-haired kid walking down the stairs directly in front of them was normal. He looked to be ten or eleven, with a knit cap pulled down over his ears.

"Hey, b—Nica, how’s it going? Everything okay?"

The kid eyed them with intelligent dark eyes, hands stuffed in the pockets of his jeans, a black t-shirt from a Rolling Stones concert hanging off thin shoulders.

Nica audibly sighed at the sight of the kid and Tanner’s gaze narrowed.

"Sal, the man from the other night took Tira. He called this morning to tell me. This is Tanner and Jensen Miller. I’ve told them who and what I am. I told them what happened Friday night and…and I’d like you to offer them sanctuary until this situation is under control."

She turned and glanced at each of them in turn. "Jensen, Tanner, this is Salvatorus. He runs this house."

Tanner’s eyes widened for a brief second. This kid ran the safe house? What the hell was going on?

Tanner turned to find Jensen looking at him, the same questions in his eyes, before Jensen moved to put himself in front of Nica. Tanner moved behind her, putting his hand on her shoulder and trying to draw her back against him. Shielding her.

Sal’s head tilted to the side, as if contemplating Nica’s request before he started to grin. The kid checked out Jensen first, looking him over from head to toe. Then his gaze connected with Tanner. Holy hell, the kid’s eyes…

Tanner’s spine stiffened in reaction. This was no kid.

"You think they can handle it, sweetheart?"

Nica nodded, though she didn’t move from behind Jensen. Tanner had the feeling she was humoring them, making them feel…useful.

"Handle what?" Jensen said for both of them.

"Who Sal really is," Nica answered. "I know you’ve already seen what I can do, but Sal is…special."

"And she don’t mean short-bus special, kids." Sal snorted, his voice seeming to deepen with a sarcastic edge. But the look he gave Nica was almost apologetic. "Niccola. I don’t want you to get hurt, babe. And this has the makings of heartbreak written all over it."

"We would never hurt her," Jensen spoke before Tanner could open his mouth, saying exactly what Tanner had been thinking. "And we don’t want to see Nica get hurt."

Sal must’ve caught Jensen’s undertone because he smiled. And his image went blurry.
Tanner blinked, thinking he must have gotten something in his eyes. They didn’t hurt or burn or feel gritty. The kid’s whole body just blurred.

And then his vision cleared.

And instead of a child, something else stood there.

Something with the upper body of a man and the lower body of…

Tanner blinked and sucked in a deep breath, feeling like he’d been gut-punched.

"Holy fuck." Jensen’s muttered curse left him no doubt that his brother felt the same.

The…whatever he was smiled, a hint of pity in it. "When they catch their breath, bring them back to the kitchen, hon." Sal clomped down the stairs, his hooves—Jesus Christ, he had hooves. "I’ll get some coffee on."