"Seduced by Two is a great book..."

Just Erotic Romance Reviews gives 4 stars to SEDUCED BY TWO.

"Seduced by Two is the seventh offering in the Magical Seduction series and may be read as a stand-alone. I enjoy the fact that Ms. Julian has created a world that allows so many different characters, plots, and threats against the magical community and humans. Nica's character had many ups and downs for me. There were moments when I wanted her to get a backbone, but then I recognized her desire to do what was best for her people. Tanner and Jensen were unique to me, while they had different personalities I find I can't discuss one without discussing the other. Tanner and Jensen complete each other and made the perfect match for Nica. Even when things started to heat up and the unexplainable occurs, Tanner and Jensen will do whatever it takes to protect Nica even it if means protecting her from herself. The secondary characters are needed, but I like that they stayed in the background. The sexual chemistry was instant, but it grows on you. At times the sex between the three was a bit awkward to me, but I came to enjoy it very much. I enjoyed the M/F scenes more than the M/F/M scenes. The action in the story was right on point and I'm looking forward to reading more about this new threat to the Etruscan community. Seduced by Two is a great book to read and I recommend it and all of the stories in the Magical Seduction series."