I Love the Fall TV Season

In addition to my reading obsession, I'm a confessed television addict. Every fall season brings with it the promise of new shows to love, old favorites to reconnect with and the parting of ways with formerly beloved shows.

So, I'm already a Gleek, have been since Fox showed the first episode of this wonderful new series in the spring. Tuesday night, Fox will air the second episode and I'll be glued to the TV. I'm completely enamored of the show's tone, how it manages to blend musical comedy and teenage angst into something totally unique and compelling.

On Thursday I'll be covering the Heart-Journey concert in town but my DVR will be working overtime. I'll be recording The Vampire Diaries on The CW, mainly because it's paranormal and star-crossed lovers do it for me. Then it's time for the main event, the Supernatural premiere!

 Dean, Sam, Castiel and the Devil. Who could ask for anything more? I've been with this show from episode one and I've watched it grow from monster-of-the-week to a fully realized saga that's just gotten better and better over the past four years. The dynamics between the brothers has always struck a cord with me as the mother of two sons. It's also one of the only shows (along with Eureka) that my entire family watches together.

Of course, with Fringe (one of my top 5 shows from last year) moving to Thursdays, I'll be giving up Grey's Anatomy. No hardship there. GA lost me midseason last year and though I watched the season finale, I won't be turning back in because I refuse to miss Fringe. It's one of those shows you either love or think why the hell would anyone watch that. I love it. The mix of weird science, cop procedural and charcter studies if totally compelling. And it's from JJ Abrams. Nuff said.

Friday's I'll be tuning back in to Dollhouse, after I catch up on the last few episodes. The series slipped away from me somewhere in the middle but I'm determined to get back into it. Besides, I've got a huge crush on Tahmoh Penikett. I'll be waiting for the premieres of Flash Forward and Stargate Universe and anxiously await the return of Castle (I love Mal... I mean Nathan Fillion).
And then there's Dancing with the Stars. I'll be rooting for Donny Osmond but no one will replace Gilles.