A Halloween Treat. Here's a little taste of Kyle, from Tam's point of view, in Kiss of Moonlight.


Barely awake, Tam opened her eyes to hazy, dawn-pink light.

And a wonderfully relaxed feeling in her body.

“How’d you sleep?”

Until that voice made every muscle in her body tense in expectation of pleasure.

God, the man made her heart pound.

Stretching her entire body like a cat, she propped herself up on her elbows and looked at him. Kyle sat on the chair next to the bed in jeans and nothing else, elbows on his knees, staring at her.

Starting at his waistband, her gaze traveled from the six-pack abs to the tattoo she’d noticed last night, a beautifully stylized depiction of a sun with tiny dots ringing an inner circle. She’d already seen the alien-looking markings on his arm but hadn’t realized the harsh, coal-black symbols went all the way to his shoulder. She wanted to ask what they meant but when her gaze met his, she got lost in that glittering topaz gaze, though his expression was set in stone.

She smiled at him, feeling lighter than she had in years. She’d had the best sex of her life last night. She hadn’t freaked out. And Kyle… Kyle made her feel alive again.

“I slept fine. Thank you. And you?”

He didn’t answer right away, just watched her with those eyes.

Finally he sat up only to slouch back into the chair. She’d never seen anything as sexy in her entire life.

The man was a work of art, from the ripped abs and broad shoulders to the chiseled cheeks and muscled arms. Those arms could have terrified her, reminded her of the attack. Instead she’d felt safe. Protected. Had anchored her even when she was flying from the first orgasm she’d ever had with a man.

And his smile, when his mouth finally loosened enough for it to curve, was a revelation. “Probably better than I should have.” Then he sighed and the smile disappeared. “We need to talk, Tam. We need to figure some stuff out and we need to go talk to someone.”

The real world tried to intrude but she wasn’t ready for it. Not yet.

Instead, she let her gaze drop to his lap, where she saw the bulge of his erection pressing against his zipper.

She did that to him. God, she loved knowing she affected him like that. “And we need to do that right now?”

His gaze darkened as he held hers, heat beginning to build between her legs. Her lungs felt heavy and the air in the room thickened. She wanted him again. Wanted him to take her and make everything else go away again.

Then he shook his head. “You have time for a shower and breakfast. Then we gotta get going. I want to get started tracking down who those men were working for.”