New Contract!

Obsolete is not a pretty word. Especially for a once-powerful goddess.
For the Forgotten Goddesses of Etruria, it’s become a way of life.

I accepted an offer from Sourcebooks to publish a three-book erotic romance series featuring the Forgotten Goddesses of Etruria! It's an offshoot of my Etruscan series and I can't wait for you to read Tessa, Lucy and Amity's stories.

The first book will be released in April 2011. This will be trade paper and part of Sourcebooks new erotic romance line starting later this year. To say I'm thrilled would be an understatement. A chance to write more Etruscan stories is extremely gratifying. My thanks to editor Deb Werksman for buying the series and my agent Elaine English for being wonderful.

There will be more EC stories, as well. I've also signed a contract for the next book in the Lucani Lovers series, Edge of Moonlight. This will be John and Kaine's story.