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DO ME GOOD by Adele Dubois

One of the questions readers ask me most is, “Which of your books is your favorite?”

My answer is always the same. “My newest release.” I’m convinced every time I write something new that it’s my best story or my most erotic or best writing, and I’m excited about sharing it with book lovers. With each new release I hope to gain new readers while pleasing those who’ve enjoyed my earlier works. DO ME GOOD is my new release and, therefore, my current favorite.

I admit to developing a bit of a crush on Gunnar, the story hero. He’s my first otherworldly protagonist, a stunningly handsome Nordic warrior cast into eternal servitude by an angry god. He becomes a celestial during pre-Christian times when mortals served gods and goddesses and angels were called Nordic Light Elves. They lived in Alfheim, the place between heaven and earth, and interacted with both gods and mortals. Their sole purpose was to serve humankind.

How Gunnar tests immortality to win the mortal woman with whom he has fallen in love is at the heart of DO ME GOOD.

Here’s a taste of my paranormal erotic romance with a summary and excerpt. I hope you enjoy the story as much as I loved writing it.

DO ME GOOD by Adele Dubois


Penny throws her hot, but worthless mooch of a boyfriend out on her front lawn with his clothes, and vows never again to be a bum magnet. Exhausted by overwork and mountainous debt, Penny pleads for divine intervention.

Gunnar, a rebellious Nordic warrior cast into servitude by an angry god to learn humility, answers. While Penny sleeps, the celestial arrives to complete her chores, but she awakens and finds him. The handsome immortal kisses her, sparking a passionate, forbidden sexual encounter.

Dark forces seeking vengeance for Gunnar’s past misdeeds mark Penny as a target. To protect his lover, Gunnar tests immortality in a death battle using a god’s magical sword. But the strength of Penny’s love and lusty connection might be what saves them both.


Outside of Alfheim she was the most beautiful female he’d ever seen. No earthly woman had ever moved him this way. He’d wanted her since the moment he watched her plead for divine intervention. Their close contact reminded him with every fiber of his being that he was male. A dormant, powerful lust surged through him that he hadn’t felt since his life as a warrior. The unique energies fueled by combat and sexual prowess filled him, stimulating him in ways he’d almost forgotten.

He hunched over the woman in a possessive posture. With crystal clarity, he remembered who he was before being cast into servitude by the god Freyr, patron of fertility and bounty, master of the sun and rain, leader of peace and war whom the elves served.

He was Gunnar, unmatched challenger. Gunnar, fearless soldier, who had marched into battle for god and his countrymen time and again without hesitation. He had stood at the right hand of his brother-in-arms, Skirnir, Freyr’s most trusted servant, who wielded the god’s magical sword. On command, the sword had sprung from its sheath and spread carnage across each battlefield, ensuring victory. Skirnir loved nothing better than to boast about his control of the mystical weapon that struck terror in their enemies’ hearts.

Gunnar’s weapons had held no special magic but his own strong hands and quick feet. His bravery and skill had become legendary while the bones of his enemies turned to dust. When the battles ended, the weeks-long orgies of women and wine restored his considerable strength and revived his lagging spirit. He turned from bloodlust to sweet pink flesh and tart red grapes on which to feast.

Then he’d been betrayed by his brother and made a slave by the god he’d served so valiantly. His clandestine housecleaning in the homes of mortals was the signature of the Nordic Light Elf and the penalty for his alleged crimes.



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