SIZE MATTERS: New Release Coming Sept. 8

I've got a new story releasing Sept. 8 from Ellora's Cave.

SIZE MATTERS is not part of my Etruscan series. It's a new series I'm calling The Fringe. It's paranormal, short, snarky, and, of course, sexy. I hope, dear readers, that's you'll find it as much fun to read as I had writing it.


Carrie Benton's got the best job in the world working as a reporter for the Weekly News Journal. Chupacabra picnicking at the Jersey Shore? Check. Aliens in the White House? Absolutely. Bigfoot stalking the forests of northern Pennsylvania? Well, okay…but Bigfoot is so Left Coast.

Tim Sattizahn can’t believe his luck. The six-foot redhead who crashed into his forest during a snowstorm is gorgeous, funny and hot for him. Everything would be perfect except for the fact that she’s looking for Bigfoot.

And, unfortunately for Tim, she found him…