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Please welcome Michelle Pillow and Mandy M. Roth  to On A Moonlit Night.

Big thanks to Stephanie Julian for letting us come here and play today! We'll get started with our first Q&A.

Ms. Geeky Pants

Q: How do you feel about doing research for a book? How much or how little research do you do for each book?

Michelle: I LOVE LOVE LOVE research. LOVE IT! It's one of my favorite things about being a writer. I love learning and trying new things. I love mental challenges and figuring out how my characters can fit into a historical setting or cultural rules. Actually, my personal non-fiction research library is bigger than my fiction one.

Mandy: Research is one of the main reasons that I write. I can't seem to get enough. I love learning new things. It's like every day, I get to learn something I didn't know the day before. My home library has expanded to the point I have floor to ceiling bookshelves that line by 14 x 14 office. It's all listed out according to genre and subject. Some days I come in here to just sit and grab something, anything really, off the shelf and flip through it. 99% of it is nonfiction and I love that. I save the fiction books for my ereaders and digital. I don't have enough space to house them all. *snort*

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