SIZE MATTERS release day and another excerpt

Here's another taste of SIZE MATTERS for release day.

Carrie couldn’t tell by the look on Tim’s face whether he wanted to laugh, sneer or shake his head.

She’d had her fair share of all three in the time she’d worked for the Journal.

Usually, she didn’t give a rat’s ass what other people thought. If they couldn’t accept what she did as a legitimate form of entertainment, then they needed to loosen up or get a life. Or both.

Hell, many of the people who looked down on her job regularly devoured US Weekly and In Touch. Those weekly tabloids dished just as much pain and misery as her father’s “respectable” daily.

“Bigfoot, huh?” Tim’s tone was carefully modulated, revealing nothing about his thoughts. “Someone saw Bigfoot near here?”

She nodded. “Got a call yesterday. My editor wanted some live pictures of the area, since we’re so close.”

Stretching his long legs out in front of him, he crossed his feet and rested his hands on his naked, flat stomach.

Damn, the guy was sexy as hell. Even his feet turned her on. They were lean and long and… Oh, for chrissakes, she was lusting after his feet.

“So,” he paused as if trying to find the right words, “you’re looking for Bigfoot.”

She almost sighed but caught it back just in time. “No. I told you, I don’t believe in Bigfoot. But when my editor tells me to get live photos of the area for the pages next week, I do what he says.”

Tim nodded, his expression thoughtful as he stared at her.

Did he think she was a nut case? Did he regret having sex with her?

Hell, she certainly hoped not. Because they were going to be seriously bored to tears if they were stuck in this cabin together until the snow let up and they didn’t have sex to break up the monotony.

And she really, really wanted to have sex with him again.

She wasn’t a slut. She chose men as carefully as she chose her hairstylist and she was damn picky about who cut her hair.

But she trusted her instincts and her instincts said this man was a keeper.