Aliens? Really?

Okay, I have a serious crush...on Giorgio Tsoukalos.

Never heard of him? Obviously you've never seen Ancient Aliens on the History Channel. He's the co-founder of Legendary Times magazine and promotes the theory that aliens visited Earth in ancient times and helped build the pyramids, among other things.

The proof, according to Giorgio and the other experts on the show, can be found in ancient Egyptian temples, Mayan tombs, Indian literature and medieval manuscripts.

I love this series for how it pushes the limits of traditional archeology. The skeptics can argue all they want about how the theories posited by people like Tsoukalos and David Hatcher Childress and Graham Hancock are totally off the wall. But...traditional archeologists still can't agree on how the ancient Egyptians built the pyramid so who's to say the Egyptians didn't have help? They certainly can't disprove it.

I'll be glued to the History Channel tonight from 10 to 11 to watch "Ancient Aliens" as it premieres its second season, because not only do I love the show, but have you seen that picture up there?