10 Days Before Christmas...

I first read Virginia Kantra in the old Silhouette Intimate Moments line. I loved her writing...clean, emotional and hot.

Then I picked up the anthology, THE MAN OF MY DREAMS, featuring the story, Midsummer Night's Magic. And I thought, ooh, I like this. It was paranormal and I was hooked.

Though I enjoyed her romantic suspense stories, I really think she hit her stride when she started the Children of the Sea series about selkies and the fin folk.

The writing is lyrical and the stories are hot, sexy and emotionally engrossing. I adored the prequel novella, Sea Crossing, in the anthology, SHIFTER, and couldn't wait for the first book in the series to be released. SEA WITCH didn't disappoint and neither did the next four books.

Next, year FORGOTTEN SEAS will be released and I will be waiting anxiously for my copy. So should you.