11 Days Before Christmas...

The seventh book in the Magical Seduction series

My first menage. I fell in love with menage stories after reading Lora Leigh but I resisted writing one for a while because I wasn't sure I could do one justice. But when I started thinking about it, this idea popped into my head and the rest is history. Jensen and Tyler were fully formed characters before I ever started to write and Nica is a personal favorite.

One woman. Two brothers. It was supposed to be one night only—an escape into pleasure. A night for Nica to forget her obligations and her secrets. Through hours filled with sensually wicked exploration, an emotional connection develops with the two gorgeous brothers she had no way of anticipating. But a stranger with an ultimatum and a dangerous power forces her to reveal her own magic to save her new lovers.

 Tanner and Jensen are drawn into a world they never knew existed by a woman whose abilities they barely comprehend. But they won’t let the fact that they have no magic stop them from protecting their woman. Even if it means giving their lives. 


Jensen still felt a little rattled by the pummeling he’d taken.

And he was pretty sure he had a fractured rib. But that didn’t stop him from pulling Nica into the surprisingly large bathroom on the second floor and starting to strip her.

He needed…something. To feel her against him, to take comfort from her presence.

To thrust his suddenly aching, hard cock into her and make her come.

Behind her, Tanner closed the door and pulled his own clothes off before starting the water in the walk-in shower, more than big enough to hold three people.

Nica stood there, watching him out of wide dark eyes. He had no idea what she was thinking.
Maybe he didn’t want to know.

As her bra and panties hit the floor, Tanner’s hands settled on her shoulders, drawing her back against his chest, allowing Jensen to remove his own clothes.

Then Tanner watched as Jensen stepped into the shower and reached out to draw Nica in too.

As the hot water hit his back, soaking his hair and easing tight muscles, Jensen wrapped his arms around Nica and sealed his mouth over hers.

Sighing into his mouth, she slipped her tongue between his lips, stroking and licking and making his heart pound and his blood sizzle in his veins.

His hands slid over her wet skin, molding her curves to his tense muscles. The feel of her, more than the heat of the water, began to ease that tension but created an entirely different one.

He sank into the kiss, cleared his mind of everything but the taste of her and the stroke of her fingers as she kneaded tight muscles. Various tiny and small aches and pains started to disappear and, with a groan, he left her mouth and dropped to his knees, kissing his way down her body. He reached her breasts and sucked one tight nipple into his mouth. She gasped but the sound was cut off as Tanner turned her head to take her mouth.

With his hands on her hips and hers now in his hair, Jensen focused on teasing her. He was no empath but he knew Nica had way too much on her mind. He wanted her to focus only on him and Tanner, on how they made her feel.

He didn’t want her to think about what happened later. Hell, he didn’t want to think about what happened later.

Right now, all that mattered was her.

He licked at her nipples, lapping at the water on her skin, then sucked the pebbled flesh into his mouth. Her hips thrust forward and she shuddered between them.

He wanted to continue down her body, kiss a path straight to her clit. But his need to be inside her body, to pound into her, overruled.

As he rose to his feet, Tanner lifted her off the floor and braced her against his chest as Jensen wrapped her legs around his waist and thrust straight into her wet pussy.

She cried out as he sank deep, her tight sheath clenching around him. Her gaze locked on his as he began to move, her arms wrapped around Tanner’s neck. Tanner had his face buried in her neck, nipping at the delicate skin there while his hands cupped her breasts, fingers and thumbs pinching her nipples.

Her expression ecstatic, she drew in shallow, panting breaths then tilted her pelvis toward him, sliding on him as he rocked into her. She trusted them to hold her, not to drop her. To give her what she needed and tip her over the edge into paradise.

She was almost there, almost ready. She moaned, the soft sound making Jensen’s hips jerk forward. He had no warning as he started to come, just the sensation of intense pleasure shooting through his cock and into his body.

He cried out, his hips banging against her. He’d nearly spent himself before he heard her gasp with her own release and knew she hadn’t had enough.

Pulling out, hearing her protesting moan, he set her on her feet, pulled her out of Tanner’s arms, knowing Tanner would understand.

As soon as he put his mouth over hers, he lifted and held her against his chest as Tanner grabbed her hips. And with one hard thrust, Tanner pumped inside her, shooting her straight into another orgasm.

Her body shuddering as he held her, Jensen felt Nica give herself over as Tanner relentlessly pushed her higher. Her moan made him press her closer, holder her tighter.

Suspended between them, she trusted them to hold her as the water washed over their naked bodies.