14 Days Before Christmas...

The sixth book in the Magical Seduction Series

I'd never read an erotic romance about a couple with a child before, so I wasn't sure this book was going to work. But the story was the story and there was no getting around that.

And who says parents can't be sexy? You don't all of a sudden become sexless beings when you become parents (except for maybe those first few months after you bring that bundle of joy home). 

So, Michael and Cara get to have sex. Lots of sex. Great sex. All while he manages to save his love and his child. Now, who wouldn't find that sexy?

A man will do just about anything for love—even kill. Four down, one to go. Michael Corsi is on the trail of the last man who made life a living hell for his lover. But first, he wants one last reminder of what he’s fighting for. He needs to see his woman and his son before he goes up against his toughest foe. And probably to his death. 

Michael is the father of the son Cara never expected to have. The man who brought her a love she never expected to feel, and a passion that she won't live without. She’ll do whatever it takes to be sure Michael returns to her—even it means tying him to her very soul.


“Cara, strip.”

Her eyes flew open as she stared at him like he was crazy. “What are you talking about? You can’t mean… No.” She shook her head. “You’re in no shape—”

“Cara, if I didn’t feel well enough, I’d let you know. But,” he waved a hand toward his straining cock, “believe me when I say I’m up for anything you want.”

She bit her lip and shook her head. “No, Michael. You’re not.”

Instead of wasting any more words, he sat up, ignoring the slight twinges in his muscles, cupped her chin and kissed her.

He didn’t use a lot of force but he didn’t let her pull away either. And when he felt her desire rise like a wave of heat around her, he slid his tongue into her mouth.

Like he’d flicked a switch, Cara moaned and kissed him back, letting her tongue tangle with his for several seconds until she tried to pull back again.

Michael refused to allow her to do it. Instead, he wrapped an arm around her shoulders and twisted until he had her flat on the bed. Her eyes flew open and she stared at him as he stripped her t-shirt and shorts from her body in seconds.

He had no qualms about using her own nature against her. He wanted her, she wanted him. 
More importantly, she needed him.

And that made him feel like he could run a marathon right now.

He stopped for a brief second after she was naked to take in her gorgeous body. Her full, round breasts quivered as she drew in each breath. The pale expanse of her stomach. Her smooth, naked mound and long, slim legs.

He wanted those legs spread wide while his fingers played with her clit. While he gave her the sexual energy she needed to live.

With deliberate motions, he lifted one leg so he could sit on his knees between hers, keeping her open for him.

He laid one hand on her mound as he used the other to lift her hand and bring it to his cock. 

With their gazes locked, she wrapped her fingers around him as she took a deep breath. Then her tongue came out to lick her lips and she tightened her hand around him, almost to the point of pain.

His body responded with a surge of heat, blood pounding into his cock. He saw her lips lift in a smile as the lingering doubt in her eyes vanished.

She pumped her hand from the root to the tip and back again, keeping a steady pressure. 
Letting his gaze drop, he watched her hand work him, watched her slim fingers slide on his darker flesh.

Mesmerized, he saw her lift her other hand to cup his balls, felt her fingers caress the sac then move back to caress the sensitive skin between his anus and his balls. The sensation sent a raft of shivers through him and a drop of pre-cum slid from the tip of his cock.

He sucked in air as her talented hands stroked, caressed and tormented. He felt cum boil in his balls and his gaze shot to hers.


His strangled cry made her grip him even more tightly. His cock responded with a surge and, in a flash, Cara lifted her body off the bed and bent to take him into her mouth.

As he watched, she sucked him in hard, took him deep and used her own hands to play with her clit. He tried to hold on, tried to make it last but her mouth and his tangled emotions conspired against him.

He came with a shout, pumping his release into her mouth. She held him there until his last spasm, moaning around him as she reached her own orgasm.

She gave him one last lick before falling back on the bed, a satisfied smile on her face as she stared up at him.

He collapsed beside her and was asleep before he could say a word.