15 Days Before Christmas...

I discovered Lora Leigh from the same bookstore friend who introduced me to Angela Knight. She put MEGAN'S MARK in my hands and said 'You're going to like this.' Needless to say, she was right. In Lora Leigh, I discovered a writer who was able to tap into those dark fantasies we might not want to talk about in mixed company. Or any company at all.

After MEGAN'S MARK, I went back and started at the beginning (or so I thought; I missed WOLFE'S HOPE somehow and read that a few years later.) After I'd devoured all the Breed books, I found FORBIDDEN PLEASURE in the bookstore.

I picked it up, read the blurb and thought, hmm, two guys. How the hell does that work? I'd not read menage before. It actually took me a few weeks to pick up that book from the bedside bookcase but when I finally did, I had to read the last chapter just to make sure I was getting a romance. I didn't want to fall for two guys and then have one hanging in the breeze at the end.

Well, Leigh delivered. Oh, baby, did she deliver. So of course, I headed back to EC to see what I'd missed. I started with the Bound Hearts series, of which FORBIDDEN PLEASURE is a part, and made my way to the Men Of August Series. MARLY'S CHOICE, SARAH'S SEDUCTION and HEATHER'S GIFT. If you're a fan of menage, you don't want to miss these. Leigh managed to push a lot of buttons while tugging a lot of strings, heart and other.

Raw, emotional rollercoasters, Leigh's books are an autobuy.