16 Days Before Christmas...

The fifth book in the Magical Seduction series

I love wounded heroes, the damaged guys who are healed through the love of a good woman. There's just something about that scenario that appeals to a woman's inner caretaker.

When I first introduced Teodoro de Feo, I had no idea what his deal was. I knew he had a problem, I just didn't know what it was. The guy was cursed. It had to be bad. I just didn't realize how strong he'd need to be to take care of damaged Lacey.

Tall, dark and handsome, the guy walks into Lacey’s bar like he’s expecting to be hit with a hail of bullets. There’s something about him that draws her but Lacey has a secret. One that could threaten her life if it’s exposed.
The woman behind the bar is gorgeous. She pushes every single one of Teo’s buttons and he wants her—even though he’s dangerous, a walking time bomb, and it’s only a matter of time before he explodes. But one night of magical sex and all bets are off as Lacey’s secret catches up with her and Teo will risk everything, including himself, to keep her safe. And make her his.


He didn’t like holding back with Lacey. He sensed that Lacey wasn’t a stranger to what he liked but he also sensed she was hiding something from him. Something related to sex. And that made him wary.
So he let her play with him, let her kiss him while her fingernails made teasing strafing runs down his chest to his stomach then to the base of his cock. His shaft thickened again as the amentia simmered in his gut, whispering that once he had her on her back, she wouldn’t complain.
His hands lifted but he forced them to cup her head, weave his fingers through her hair loosely and let her lead.
She kissed him with a lazy thoroughness, as if she’d never done it before and it fascinated her. Her thoroughness sure as hell fascinated him. He felt like she kissed him for at least a half hour, sliding her tongue in and out of his mouth while her hands roamed his body.
He barely realized his hands had moved to her ass until he felt her bare mound press against his hip and her moisture dampen his skin. One hand instinctively moved toward her pussy, craving the silken feel of her.
But she broke the kiss and tsked, her eyes slits of amused blue and her mouth curved in a grin. “I didn’t say you could move your hands, Mr. de Feo.”
Her teasing tone drew an answering smile from him. “May I please stroke you, baby?”
She shook her head. “I don’t think so. I think I want you to put your hands over your head and keep them there for right now.”
The dominant in him growled in protest but he forced his hands to do what she wanted. When his fingers were laced behind his head, she smiled again and gave him a short, sweet kiss as a reward.
“Very good. Now just let me…”

He waited for her to finish speaking but instead she bent her head to put her mouth on his chest, her lips curving around one nipple and sucking the little nub into her mouth. His breath hissed through his clenched teeth as she flicked her tongue over the sensitive skin then nipped at him with her teeth.
Damn, he liked that. Wanted her to do it harder, but she seemed intent on teasing him into insanity as she moved back and forth between his nipples.
He could barely breathe as she tormented him with her lips, his chest rising and falling in greater agitation. A light pressure on his stomach caught his attention as her hand stroked down toward his cock.
Her fingers lightly brushed his skin, raising goose bumps on his flesh and making blood pump that much faster to his cock. He was hard and ready to go, his shaft pulsing, balls pulled tight.
If she would just touch him…
Damn it, her hand skimmed away down his left thigh, making his muscles quiver and a groan escape his throat.
And her mouth curved into a smile against his chest.  
“I like that sound,” she said, her voice a teasing whisper against his skin. “Do it again.”
“Make me,” he ground out.
The hand on his thigh skimmed back to between his legs and cupped his balls, one finger pressing between the cheeks of his ass.
He groaned for her as his hands unlaced and reached for her, sinking his fingers into her hair. He caught himself just before he forced her closer by tugging on it.  
Her head lifted from his chest so she could smile down at him. “Looks like you’re having a little trouble following orders, Teodoro. I think you deserve to be punished for that.”
Her hand moved from his balls and he growled in warning. “Lacey, you’re—”

She tossed her hair over her shoulders, trusting that he would release her. And he did.
Then she shimmied down his body and took his cock into her mouth in one long pull.
“Ah Christ, Lace—”
She swallowed, the back of her throat caressing the tip, and he nearly lost it. Only sheer will forced back his climax.
Holding him there for a few brief seconds, she finally slid back up until only the head rested in her mouth and then, not even that.
“I don’t want you to come until I say you can, Teo.” Her eyes flashed up at his and even through the fog of his lust, he saw something in her eyes, something he couldn’t begin to decipher. “Can you do that for me?”
Hell yes. He’d do anything she wanted. It was taking all of his control to not roll her over and fuck her, so all he could manage was a nod. Which must have satisfied her because she bent her head and began to torture him like he’d never experienced before.