17 Days Before Christmas...

This was the first time-travel romance I remember reading. And after I finished, I thought, Holy crap, I've got to read more Donna Kauffman.

I loved the blend of Highland warriors, modern women, hot sex and magic. Utterly captivating. The book is actually three novella-length stories but they flow seamlessly. If you're a fan of time-travel romance and haven't read this, find it. Now. 

Three centuries ago in Scotland a curse was born of the long-standing feud between the Claren and the MacKinnon clans.

Now generations later, destiny has decreed that three women, the last of the Claren line, be granted one final chance to set things right. Maggie, Cailean, and Delaney Claren are three cousins who grew up totally unaware of one another--until an inheritance brings them together.

Now mysterious journals and the deed to an ancient Scottish castle will bring them face-to-face with the warriors at the heart of the MacKinnon family, three brothers sentenced to cruel fates by a terrible curse. Duncan is trapped in the form of a ghost, Rory must live an immortal life alone, and Alexander has been wrenched by time from the past to the present, with no way back.

Ferociously compelling, dangerously relentless, they are bound by no mortal laws--except desire for the three Claren women. The journals speak of one key that can break the powerful spell. And finding that key will plunge them all into a world of unforeseeable danger and tantalizing desire.....
Stephanie Julian