18 Days Before Christmas...


The fourth book in the Magical Seduction series

This was my Sleeping Beauty story. I'd always wanted to write a take on the old fairy tale and this story just lent itself to it perfectly.

Rio is a sweetheart of a guy, the youngest of the de Feo brothers and Rosie is perfect for him, a children's librarian who's looking for a little adventure. Together, they find romance, adventure and so much more.

Linchetto Rio de Feo has just met the woman of his dreams. Rosie Bianchi is smart, sexy, sweet…and cursed. She’s got an evil dead witch on her tail and a secret even she doesn’t know anything about.

Rosie can’t believe her good luck. The gorgeous guy she just met is Prince Charming material. But after one night of hot sex, Rosie wakes up with magical powers and is thrust into a battle for her life.

Love will need a little help and a little luck, but where there’s an enchanted rose hedge and three godmothers, there’s magic.


Gods be damned, he wanted her naked, needed to see her bare body. His clothes rasped against his skin, irritating him. He wanted them off.
As if Rosie had read his mind, she broke off the kiss and caught his gaze as she peeled her cardigan down her arms. A smile kicked up the corners of her mouth as she reached for the bottom of her sleeveless sweater. Then she stopped.
His breath stuttered in his lungs. Shit, was she having second thoughts? Because if she had, he’d— Oh, he knew what that smile meant. Maybe his little mouse was more adventurous than he’d guessed.
Reaching over his head, he grabbed the back of his t-shirt and pulled it up and off, dropping it on the floor by his feet. Then he waited.
Her smile spread as she lifted the hem of her sleeveless sweater, exposing first her stomach then her ribs. When she paused, his gaze shot back to hers and he watched her left eyebrow lift like Mr. Spock’s. Except that he’d never found Mr. Spock sexy, and Rosie’s eyebrow was sexy as hell, along with that little strip of flesh she’d exposed for him.
Her eyes slid down his chest like melted ice cream dripping down a cone. Yeah, that image had definite possibilities. He was seriously going to raid her freezer later. Then he’d drip something sweet and wet all over her naked body. And then— Then Rio couldn’t think anymore, because Rosie removed her top and uncovered a pretty pink bra. Oh, he wanted that bra.
Rio toed off his sneakers and socks and watched as she bent to unlace her Chucks and take them off. Along with little purple-heart-decorated socks. With a tiny spell, he shifted a condom from his wallet into his hands and slid it between his back and the waistband of his boxer briefs. Then his fingers went to the button on his jeans while she reached for her skirt. 
He pushed his jeans down his hips, making sure he didn’t lose his underwear. He wanted to see what was under that skirt first.
As he stepped out of his trousers, he nearly lost his balance when he caught sight of the pale pink thong that matched her bra and barely covered her mound. He hadn’t expected that. 
But he did appreciate a woman who gave a little thought to her underwear. Damn, maybe he should just drop to his knees right now and beg.
Instead, he straightened and hooked his fingers in the waistband of his boxers. The tip of his hard cock had already escaped his shorts. He watched her gaze dip and her tongue lick her upper lip before disappearing. Christ, he wasn’t going to last more than a minute if she kept looking at him like that. And that would be really fucking embarrassing.
Her right hand lifted, fingers splaying on her sternum, her little finger just touching the swell of her breast. She stroked her fingertips over her skin, inching closer to her breasts with each second.
His cock throbbed in time with her motions as he imagined her fingers doing the same on his flesh. But first he wanted her to take off the pretty lace bra that matched her panties. His gaze lifted, past the smile that promised so much. It mesmerized him and held his eyes captive. He didn’t realize she’d taken off her bra until he saw her hand wave a little scrap of pink at him.
It took a few more seconds before he let himself look at her. But when he did, his lungs ached as if he’d run a marathon and his heart kicked into an even faster rhythm.
Her breasts were perfect mounds that sat high on her chest, the nipples small and pink. He couldn’t wait to get his mouth on them. Her creamy skin gleamed in the dim light, pale freckles dotting her breasts, arms and stomach.
Their game forgotten, he reached for her, cupping her breasts in his hands. His fingers molded to her velvet skin, his thumbs brushing the pebbled nipples. Lids fluttering down, she arched against him with a moan. Her head tilted back, exposing her neck and lifting her breasts up toward him.
Never one to turn down a gift, Rio bent to lick one tight, candy pink tip. Gods, she even tasted like vanilla, sweet and tantalizing. And her skin smelled like roses.
He nipped at her, barely grazing the skin, then opened his mouth and sucked her nipple in. 

She gasped then moaned, her chest expanding, pushing her farther into his
mouth. The sound made his body tingle and his cock pulse as he switched breasts, sucking and licking until she panted.
Her hands lifted to cup the back of his head, sliding her fingers into his hair and raising goose bumps on his skin. His hand slid down her smooth stomach to that pale pink thong. He brushed his fingers along the silky material, close enough to her clit to make her shudder. But he didn’t touch her there, not yet. Instead, he brought his other hand down and teased one finger through each of the strings holding the tiny triangle of fabric in place. He eased them off her hips. He would have gone slow, extended the tease, but she wriggled out of them, the soft hair on her mound brushing against his hands as she moved.
Sensation shot from the tip of his shaft to his balls, making them tighten and throb. Hell, there’d be time for slow later. Right now fast and hard had just become as necessary as his next breath.