19 Days Before Christmas...

Jane's Warlord was my first true erotic paranormal romance. A friend of mine at the bookstore who knows me well said, "Here, you need to read this." So of course I did.

I immediately fell for Baran. He was hot, hunky and, holy crap, the sex was scorching hot. I'd read erotica before but this was the first time I'd read a story that mixed erotic sex with an actual romance story and paranormal elements. What's not to love?

I've continued to read almost everything Knight's written, but this continues to be my favorite. (According to her website, the book's been rereleased simply as Warlord.)

Reporter Jane Colby has seen a lot covering crime for the local paper, but the most recent murder is so brutal, it leaves even the most hardened detectives shaken.

Jane and the cops don't know it, but the killer is none other than Jack the Ripper. 

Turns out all the theories about those Victorian murders were wrong: Jack is actually a time-traveling cyborg psychopath named Kalig Druas. Now he's in Tayanita County - and he's set his sights on Jane.

Luckily, so has Baran Arvid, a genetically engineered warrior from the future. Baran and his talking wolf sidekick have been sent to protect her - and use her as bait to trap the killer.

None of this is good news to Jane, but she finds having a handsome bodyguard does have deliciously erotic benefits. Besides, Frieka the wolf is a scream.

Unfortunately, so is Jack.