20 Days Before Christmas...


The third book in the Magical Seduction.

Cam de Feo was my first true Alpha hero. Quiet, brooding, strong and domineering. He remains one of my favorite characters for those reasons. This was one of those easy stories, that seemed to write itself. Probably another reason this is one of my favorites. 

Etruscan linchetto Cam de Feo is tough, ruthless and determined to keep his magical family safe at all costs. Stella Palmer is a means to an end—nothing more. He will seduce her then use her to trap her evil uncle. At least, that’s the plan. But he never expected to fall for the beauty.

For Stella, Cam is just the right man for a white-hot one-night stand. But in the bright light of day, she quickly realizes that he has much more to offer than great sex. While the dark forces of the Mal are threatening, family secrets will be revealed and Stella will discover a hidden world—filled with love and magic!


She continued to kiss him, her hands slipping into the hair at the nape of his neck,winding in the curls made unruly by the humidity in the air. She tugged on them, a tiny pain that added fuel to the fire in his groin…and brought him back to his senses for a few brief seconds. He’d almost forgotten about his ears.

Too long and pointed to be mistaken merely as odd, they were the only part of his body that revealed his secret—that he wasn’t the human he appeared to be.
He was Fata, a descendant of a magical Etruscan race. His people came from the mountains and forests of ancient Etruria where they’d lived alongside the gods and goddesses.
Today the Fata either blended with the humans or they lived in seclusion. Cam’s family had chosen centuries ago to blend. It’d become second nature to hide his ears. If he forgot and slicked back his wet hair or let Stella get to close, he couldn’t be sure how she’d react.
He needed time to ease her into his world, to make sure she realized he would never hurt her.
Molding one hand to her breast, he played with her nipple until it formed a stiff peak then he did the same to the other. Her breasts were small but responsive. With every caress, he felt her make an answering motion with her lower body, pressing against his erection in maddeningly short strokes. He stopped himself from pulling her against him, didn’t try to contain her. Resting his arms on the rim of the tub, he let her do with him whatever she wanted.
And it seemed that all she wanted to do was torment him. She continued to kiss him, her mouth hot, her tongue silky as it dueled with his.
He tensed for a brief second as her hands released his hair, fearing she might stroke his ears, but she moved them down his neck and onto his shoulders. Her fingers smoothed down to his elbows then back up again, the slow wet friction of skin on skin making his balls tighten even more.
From his shoulders, she moved to his back, lightly scraping her short nails down his spine and over his ass then back up. She did this circuit a few more times until he thought he’d go crazy. Then she moved her hands to his front, scratching down his stomach to just above the root of his cock, careful not to touch anything he was dying for her to touch.
Groaning, he released her mouth to draw in a deep breath. “Stella…”
She moved her mouth to the curve of his neck and shoulder and took a nip out of the skin. Her nails scraped back up his stomach again. “Yes?”
He shuddered like a horse under the whip. “Use those on my cock.”
She licked a path across his collarbone. “I didn’t hear you say please.”
“Please, Stella. Please use your nails on my cock.”
She smiled against his neck, her lips brushing against his skin. “I like the way you beg.”
Without warning, her hands wrapped around his cock and balls. His head fell back against the rim of the tub as she did exactly what he’d asked for. Her nails teased the sensitive skin of his shaft, making flashes of light spark behind his closed eyelids. He felt his orgasm build momentum as she scraped, his nerve endings tingling as if he’d been jolted by a live current.
She continued her torment until he could no longer keep still. When his hips thrust forward, she released him—but only for the second it took for her to move her hips into place and take him inside her body.
She settled on him with a sigh, her sex so wet she slid down to the hilt with little resistance. 

The sensation took them both by surprise because they gasped in unison.
Wrapping her arms around his shoulders, she rested her head against his neck and didn’t move. He felt the tiny fluctuations of her sheath around his cock, taking it even further inside her body, signaling her oncoming orgasm.
Cam didn’t know how long they sat like that, unmoving but for her inner contractions. He didn’t realize he’d started to sweat with the effort to hold still and absorb every sensation without taking over, until a bead of moisture made its way down the side of his face.
His hands gripped the tub rim even tighter and he consciously eased off when he felt the concrete nearly give way beneath his fingers.
He lifted his head and nuzzled his nose into her hair, laying a kiss on her head. “Stella?”
“Yes.” Her soft breath teased his neck, making his skin break out in goose bumps and his cock throb.
“Make love to me, Stella.”
It was her turn to shudder and he knew he’d chosen the right words. The exact right words, because this was no longer about sex.