22 Days Before Christmas...


The second book in the Magical Seduction Series. 

When I was a teenager, writing stories about fairies and elves in my notebook in school, I had this idea about a fae prince who saw a girl walking in the forest and fell in love with her. Now, obviously there was more to the story but that's what I remember from however many years ago.

When you read the opening of this book, that's where the idea came from. Funny how things stick with you for so long.

When Etruscan linchetto Antonin de Feo is employed to guard Ellie Johannson from harm, he immediately wants to become better acquainted with her luscious body. Unknown to her, Ellie is the daughter of the Etruscan God of the Woods and her father fears for her safety. When Ellie is almost kidnapped, Antonin has the perfect place to keep her safe—in his bed. He’s fallen hard for the beauty but he fears his secrets might drive her away or put her in even more danger.

Ellie cannot resist her sexy bodyguard and promptly lands in his bed. She never wants to get out but the dark forces of the Mal are gathering. As Ellie discovers the magical heritage of her lover, she doesn’t expect to find the magic in herself.

“You’re avoiding my question,” she said from the stall. “What did the doe mean when she called you an elf?”

Grabbing the shower door, he pulled it open. Ellie’s head shot around to stare at him and her hands, frothy with soap, covered her breasts.
He didn’t answer her question, just let himself take in the sight of her.
The reality was better than anything he could have imagined.
Her skin glowed from the heat, rosy and tempting. Water droplets clung like diamonds to her body. Though she had crossed her arms over her chest, it only served to press her breasts up into mounds, barely covering her nipples.
Ellie tried to glare at him but she couldn’t quite make it work. She was breathing just as hard as he was.
Desire, already simmering in his gut, came to a boil. Blood rushed to his cock, making him hard and ready.
She took a step back and then another until her body pressed against the back wall. The water sprayed down between them, creating a hazy veil. Through it, he watched her eyes widen, though not in fear. His gaze slid to her lips, which parted as she took in a quick breath. 

Further down, her hands tightened over her breasts, plumping them even more.
His eyes rested there for a moment. Her chest rose and fell, faster and faster. His own breath followed suit.

Setting the condom on the shower shelf, Antonin reached for her through the hot water. The soft skin of her upper arms was warm and pliable as he ran his hands from her shoulders to her elbows. The scent of her arousal rose on the steam, making his gut twist. Needing to be closer, he stepped into the mist, drenching himself.
The water streamed into his hair and down his face. He swiped his hair out of his eyes and away from his face.
When she looked at him, her eyes widened to saucers. Her mouth parted and she lifted one hand away from her breasts to his left ear.
She traced one finger from the lobe up the side to the point that proclaimed his heritage, the only outward sign of who and what he was.
When her finger had circled the entire circumference, she ran it back to the pointy tip—and gave it a sharp tug.
“Hey, that’s attached.”
“I don’t… I can’t…” Ellie’s mouth hung open and he could almost see all her brain functions come to a complete stop.
Hell, his ears weren’t that strange. Hadn’t she seen The Lord of the Rings trilogy? The films had gotten the shape right but not the angle. With his long hair, most people failed to realize what it hid.
“Did you have them surgically altered?” She took his jaw in one hand and turned his head so she could trace his right ear.
“No, I didn’t.” Her touch sent shivers through his body and a flash of heat straight to his balls.
“You were born like this?”
A smile quirked at his lips at her incredulous tone. “And what’s wrong with my ears?”
Her eyes flew to his. He could tell by her stricken expression that she didn’t want to offend him. “Nothing! I mean, they’re just…different. I think—”
Sweet Goddess, she was beautiful. “I think,” he moved closer and let his cock brush against the softness of her stomach, “you shouldn’t think anymore.”
He sealed his mouth over hers and kissed her, putting his hands on her hips to lift her off her feet. Her immediate moan was answer enough to let him know she wanted the same thing he did. When she wrapped her legs around his waist and tilted her pelvis toward him, he shifted just enough to put the head of his cock between her wet lower lips.
Ellie sucked on his tongue, her fingers twined in his hair as he worked himself into her, inch by excruciating inch. Goddess, she was tight and hot and if he didn’t move soon, he’d come just by being inside her.
“Ellie, condom.” Antonin slowly pulled out of her again.
It took a few seconds for her to open her eyes but finally she did. She reached for the little silver package on the shelf and ripped it open with her small white teeth before reaching down for him.
Every second it took for her to roll the condom into place felt like an eternity. One he would gladly spend with her if only—
Ellie moved her hips and his sheathed cock slid into her tight channel, just a few centimeters. 

Then she moved again and he slid in fully.
The angle of penetration dragged her clit against the base of his cock. Kissing her wildly, he knew she was enjoying it just as much as he was, because she shuddered in his arms, her internal muscles clamping around his shaft, sucking him in. Ellie demanded and Antonin responded, letting her dictate the pace.
The hot water beat across his back as her hands slid over his shoulders, stroking and smoothing. Her hips kept up a steady rhythm, helped along by his hands at her waist. 
Releasing her mouth, he drew back and looked down between them. Antonin watched his cock emerge from her body then disappear back into her. He was mesmerized by the sight, by the beauty of it, by his possession of her.
He wanted to make her cry out with need for him. He wanted her to beg, to plead, to be completely overwhelmed by him.
Without warning, he pulled out of her body and set her on her feet. Her anguished sob made his blood boil but still it wasn’t enough. He wanted to completely conquer her.