23 Days Before Christmas...

Maggie Shayne's WINGS IN THE NIGHT is a collection of the first three books in her Wings in the Night series and the first vampire romance I'd ever read.

Shayne started writing them for the old SIlhouette Shadows line in 1993. TWILIGHT PHANTASIES,TWILIGHT MEMORIES and TWILIGHT ILLUSIONS will always be among my favorite vampire romances because of their level of sensuality. Hot, hot and hotter than anything else I was reading at the time.

But they also epitomized what Silhouette got right at the time: strong emotion, good story telling and damn-good world building.

I actually read the stories out of order, usually a total no-no for me (because I'm really anal like that) because I discovered the first story in a used book store in 1995. And after reading TWILIGHT ILLUSION, I was hooked. Dark, brooding heroes, strong women, what's not to love?

She continued the series and I have read all the books but these remain my favorites, simply because they were my first.

If you love vampire stories and you haven't read these books, you need to get them on your list.