3 Days Before Christmas...


Third in the Lucani Lovers series

I loved Kaine. She's tough, not my typical heroine. Usually my women are more...female. But Kaine was always a kick-ass chick, even if she's hiding a lot of pain inside. She knows what she wants but when she doesn't get it, she doesn't whine, she doesn't cry. She sucks it up and pushes ahead.
When she thinks she's lost the love of her life, she doesn't go crawl in a hole. She covers it up like a good soldier and continues forward. But when she gets a second chance, she grabs hold with both hands.
She and John were probably my favorite couple to write, just because they were so totally committed to each other and, for me, that's what love is.
Cover Love: I had a picture of Kaine in my head when I wrote EoM, obviously, but I didn't realize until I opened the file for this cover that EC artist Syneca had been able to read my mind. It's absolutely perfect.

Etruscan wolf shifter Kaine Giliati has longed for John Simmons since he willingly agreed to wipe all memory of her from his mind. The pain in her heart is only magnified by terrorthe ability to call her wolf appears to have deserted her, as well.
For months after he and his sister escaped a crazed kidnapper, John has been dreaming about a beautiful stranger. A woman he's shocked to find in a dark bar one night.
One erotic, stolen night reopens old wounds, uncovers buried memories and sets Kaine and John on a path filled with danger, magic and potential heartbreak.
Kaine tried not to smile like an idiot but couldn’t quite manage to control it.
She’d like to think the alcohol was still a factor but she knew better.
It was all John.
With his arms wrapped around her and their bodies still joined, she wanted to rest her head on his shoulder and sleep. Then let him wake her as he carried her to bed so they could explore each other more thoroughly.
This first time had taken off some of the edge but she still wanted him.
Would always want him.
No, she wasn’t going to think about that. That way led to heartbreak and tears.
As if he sensed her distress, John tilted his head back to look at her. His gaze held a question but she had no desire to talk. She only wanted to touch him, kiss him. She wanted him inside her body, making her forget everything but physical ecstasy.
Pressing her mouth against his, she kissed him hard, let their lips meld together and her tongue slip against his as he responded to her kiss.
His hands, already spread across her back, flexed and kneaded then started to slide down until he cupped her ass in his hands. His body radiated heat and strength. Her hands smoothed from his shoulders down to his bulging biceps.
She reveled in the feel of his skin against hers and her hips rolled as he twitched inside her.
He drew back with a groan and she would have followed him if he hadn’t cupped her face in his hands to halt her progress.
“Hang on.”
She had a moment to realize what he intended before he slid forward on the couch, wrapped his arms around her and stood, the strong muscles of his legs bunching beneath her thighs before he lifted her higher on his body.
As he stood, his cock slid from her and she swallowed at the sensation against her most sensitive skin.
With her arms around his shoulders and her legs around his waist, he carried her like she weighed nothing. The apartment wasn’t huge and it took less than a minute for him to reach his bedroom.
Even though it was dark, she could see the Spartan nature of the room.
A chest against the wall, another next to the bed that was smaller than her own at home.
He pulled the comforter down and set her on the cool sheets before leaning down to kiss her hard and fast. “You need to use the bathroom?”
She shook her head, restraining herself from grabbing onto those strong arms and pulling him back to her. 
“Then I’ll be right back,” he said. 
Nodding, she let her fingers curl into the sheets. “Hurry.” 
He sucked in a sharp breath, as if she’d stroked him. His jaw set and he nodded just once before striding through a door on the opposite side of the bed. 
She watched him walk away, watched the muscles of his thighs and ass bunch and move under his skin. 
Blessed Goddess, the man was a work of art. 
She was still staring at the door when it reopened and he stepped out again. He’d gotten rid of the condom and his cock had already hardened enough to stand away from his body. 
She couldn’t help her smile. He wanted her, maybe as much as she wanted him. 
Turning toward him, she watched him stop several feet away from the bed and let his gaze travel her entire body. He started at the top of her head, held her gaze for only seconds before moving onto her lips. Her mouth parted under his stare as if he’d pressed his lips against hers and she had to work to draw in air to her starved lungs. That drew his eyes down to her breasts.
Kaine had never had any reason to care what anyone else thought of her body. She didn’t have an ounce of fat on her and she wasn’t overly muscled. But she definitely didn’t have a chest that drew men’s attention. At least not other men’s attention. John seemed to like what he saw, if the faster pace of his breathing and the hardening of his erection was anything to go by.