4 Days Before Christmas...

I found Shana Abe through the RWA RITA Contest. THE LAST MERMAID was one of the books in my packet for judging several years ago and while I was reading it, I kept thinking, Oh my God, this book is amazing!

So when I saw her name on the cover of THE SMOKE THIEF in the bookstore not long after that, I thought, I have to read that. Didn't matter that, at the time, I wasn't reading historicals. Her voice transcended the genre for me. It helped that the story was paranormal and that her world-building was fascinating but ultimately, her skilled storytelling, intricate plotting and lyrical writing drew me in.

Since I was completely focused on contemporaries at the time, I thought maybe the fact that it was so different from the romantic suspense and dark paranormals that I was reading was what drew me to her. But after reading a few other historical paranormals to see what I was missing, I was sorely disappointed. And fell more deeply in love Abe's writing.

If you're a paranormal fan and you haven't given THE SMOKE THIEF, THE DREAM THIEF, QUEEN OF DRAGONS, THE TREASURE KEEPER and THE TIME KEEPER a read, I think you'll be just as captivated as I was.