7 Days Before Christmas...

Ah JR Ward, how you rock my world.

I'd heard about DARK LOVER from a friend, who said, YOU'VE GOT TO READ THIS!!! So of course I did.

And fell in love with the Black Dagger Brotherhood. The men are uber-Alphas, six and half feet of testosterone who they talk like thugs but their women like fine china. Best of both worlds.

Luckily, I started the series when there were two books available, DARK LOVER and LOVER ETERNAL. As soon as I'd finished Wrath's book, I feel hard for Rhage. Then I couldn't wait to sink my teeth into Zsadist and to say I'm a Butch fan would be too tame.

As the world expands, I anxious await each moment spent with the brothers, especially those spent with Blay and Quinn.(I'm hoping there will be a full-length Blay-Quinn romance. I live for the day a romance is just a romance no matter who it's between.)

I've read each book with the same level of anticipation and try not to devour it in a few hours. And when LOVER UNLEASHED is released next year, I'll be buying it the day it's released and consuming immediately.