Hero Roundup

As July slooooowly approaches, bringing the release of WHAT A GODDESS WANTS, I'm trying to keep myself busy so I don't crawl out of my skin with anticipation.

Cal's worth waiting for, of course, though he's not too keen on spoiled goddesses: "Here seemed as good as any place to die. And if, by some miracle, he didn’t die, this was the last fucking time he ever took a job for a deity. They screwed you over every damn time."

His opinion does change when a certain Etruscan sun goddess needs him to save her. I based his physical characteristics on Jensen Ackles because I adore his character on "Supernatural." And it totally fits for Cal.

I just finished the first round of edits on SEX, LIES & SURVEILLANCE, my first release from Carina Press! I'm so excited about this story. It's always been one of my favorites. Sexy, contemporary and a hot hero.

My hero describes it like this: "...the DeMarcos were not what he’d expected. He’d imagined “The Sopranos.” Instead, he got “Ozzie and Harriet” with a little “La Femme Nikita” thrown in for flavor." His name may change in the book but in my head, this has always been Cal.

I just started Lucani Lovers 4. Grace and Kaisie's story is moving along and I found the perfect inspiration for Kaisie. Look to the right. Sigh worthy, yes?

Kaisie's shaping up to be awesome and extremely alpha: "He wanted her to tell him who he could kill for putting that pain in her eyes and he wanted her to tell him she was never going back to the Mal."

I'm also working on edits for the second book in the Forgotten Goddess. HOW TO WORSHIP A GODDESS will be released in December 2011 and features Lucy, Etruscan Goddess of the Moon, and Brandon, Reading Railers No. 17. He's a hockey player and oh, my, do I love them.

No cover yet but here's what Lucy has to say about hockey and the players (and I so totally agree): "She loved hockey. Loved the speed, the agility. The fights. The men. Brawny, sweaty, messy. They let their hair grow, though no one would ever accuse them of being feminine, not with perpetual five o’clock shadow and bulging muscles. They skated with the grace of a ballet dancer and fought at the drop of a glove."

I have a really clear picture in my head of what Brandon looks like. I just can't show it to you because, well... Let me look around a little more and see what I can come up with.

And finally, I actually started the next Fringe story. Andy's a real character and I mean that in the best way. More to come on that story later...