A new review for SIZE MATTERS

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Size Matters by Stephanie Julian (e-book)

Read by joysann on Barbara Vey's Beyond Her Blog

Tim Sattazahn, just minding his own business walking through the woods in a snowstorm, comes upon a beautiful woman freezing to death after her car breaks down. Beyond the physical desire he’s experiencing as he cares for her, he feels some consternation when he learns that, as a reporter for the Weekly News Journal, she’s there looking for Bigfoot, but doesn’t realize she’s found him. For her part, Carrie Benton is thoroughly taken by the huge, gorgeous, sexy man she’s found that’s made her trip to the forest worth while.

This is a very fun, cute, fast little read. It’s also charming, smile-provoking, and hotly erotic. With Size Matters, Stephanie Julian is cleverly introducing The Fringe, a new series that explores some of the more imaginative reports in the weekly papers at grocery store check-out counter, and I’m looking forward to the next story.