Happy Graduation, My Son

 My first baby graduates from high school today.

Please allow me a minute to catch my breath.

It's seems like only yesterday I was putting Taylor on the bus to elementary school. I don't remember shedding many tears that day. Maybe because I was too busy chasing after his younger brother, who had only two speeds at that time, full-speed-ahead and asleep. Actually, that hasn't changed.

Tay was never much for going anywhere fast. He rode his bike but never recklessly. He played soccer for many years, but he usually played goalie. He's been studying karate since the age of five and has learned a great deal of discipline and control, which fits his personality to a T. This summer, he'll be testing for his black belt. Not a fast process but he's hung in there and all that hard work will pay off soon.

In eighth grade, when he decided he wanted to run cross country, his dad and I looked at each other with raised eyebrows. Sure, we run--my husband a lot faster than me--but Tay had never shown any interest. We were both pleased that he'd taken an interest in something both of us love. He was never the fastest kid on the team. In fact, he was one of the slowest. We didn't care and neither did he. For Tay, cross country was more about the team. They were a good group of guys and we will miss those Tuesday meets come fall when Tay goes to college.

He's easing into that as well. He'll attend Penn State Berks Campus and live at home for the first two years. I must admit I'm happy to have him around for another two years. If he were going away to college, we wouldn't have the opportunity to go to concerts and shows and movies as much as we do now. I know that day will come, though, so I'm grateful to have more time with him.

When he goes to college, he'll be studying physics. As an English major, I can tell you how to spell it and where the word is derived from but I have no idea what it is or what you do with it. Tay does. He actually enjoys math that looks like so much alphabet soup to me. My husband and I both come from a writing background. We have no idea where Tay gets his love of science. We're just happy he's able to pursue it.

So congratulations, baby, on finishing this first part of your life. Just don't rush into the rest of it.
Stephanie Julian