How Writing Has Changed Me by Missy Jane

    Please welcome Guest Blogger Missy Jane, fellow EC author!
     I’ve always been an avid reader with a wild imagination. As a child I used to make up stories, but never tried to put them to paper until I became an adult. At first, I wasn’t writing to get published. I was writing for myself, to get the story out of my brain so I could stop obsessing over it. That changed in 2008 with my first publishing contract and me along with it. I’m a different person now in many ways and most of that is because of what I write. I began with my love of fantasy and paranormal, but it didn’t take long for sexual overtones to take the driver’s seat. As an erotica reader there are things I’d seen in print that made me blush, cringe and frown in disbelief. As a writer? Well, let’s just say I now know a whole lot more than I used to. Research isn’t always boring.
     So, I was thinking over ways that I’ve changed since writing became a big part of my life and this is what I’ve come up with:

             1. I don’t blush as easily anymore. I was raised in a household where sex wasn’t just a dirty word, it wasn’t a word at all. I’ve joked with my mom that I don’t know how in the hell I learned about sex at all. But I have four children so obviously…
          2. I’m more honest with myself about a lot of things. If there’s anything the editing process should teach a writer, it’s to be thick-skinned. No one’s perfect and editors are good at pointing that truth out from the first. I LOVE my editors. I’ve been very lucky to work with smart, funny, easy-going women who know their job well. They make me look good and that’s a definite plus in my book.
3.      3. I’ve become a typo snob. My editors might argue this point since I still make mistakes. However, as a reader I’ve become much more critical of the printed words I’m paying for than I was before going through the editing process. Typos now jump out at me and can sometimes disrupt my enjoyment of a book. Sigh…if only they had my editors.
        4. I know more about sex than my husband. Though he was a jock and I was a band geek, I can easily say that through research I’m more well-versed in things sexual than my stud-muffin. I haven’t actually told him that, but I think he’s figured it out. Neither if us have mentioned it and he reaps the benefits of my knowledge. It’s definitely a win-win.
    Has reading a certain genre, or reading in general, changed you as a person? Is there a particular book, author, or topic you’ve read that had a definite impact on you as a person? Comment with your answer below and include your email address. All comments are entered into my Birthday Blog Tour contest. Good luck!

    Missy Jane is a paranormal and erotic romance author published through Samhain and Ellora’s Cave. Free samples of her work can be found at her website:
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