New Lower Prices

If you've been waiting to read the first couple of books in the Magical Seduction series (and you've got a Kindle or Kindle app), wait no longer.

SEDUCED BY MAGIC (#1), SEDUCED IN SHADOW (#2) and SEDUCED & ENCHANTED (#4), are  available at Amazon for $2.39. I'm expecting the prices to go down as well at Barnes & Noble but that hasn't happened yet.

Want it even cheaper? The Ellora's Cave site has SEDUCED BY MAGIC, SEDUCED IN SHADOW and SEDUCED & ENCHANTED for $1.99.

SEDUCED BY MAGIC introduces the Etruscan community and features some of the characters you'll meet in WHAT A GODDESS WANTS, the first book in the Forgotten Goddesses series, available June 1.

Wanna know more?

Seduced by Magic
first in the Magical Seduction series
 Justin Johannson knows there are mythical creatures living among us. He's been trying to prove their existence for years. Research gets a lot more interesting when he finds a winged woman in his bed. Etruscan folletta Scarlata is convinced Justin is in league with an evil businessman bent on capturing her for scientific study, which is so not going to happen. She decides that Justin needs to be taught a lesson to leave her and the rest of the mythical creatures in peace — after she has a little fun of her own. The beautiful folletta never expected to fall for a human and Justin is about to discover that true magic really does exist in the world. And in him.

Seduced in Shadow
second in the Magical Seduction series
When Etruscan linchetto Antonin de Feo is hired to guard Ellie Johannson, he immediately wants to become better acquainted with her luscious body. Unknown to her, Ellie is the daughter of the Etruscan God of the Woods and her father fears for her safety. When Ellie is almost kidnapped, Antonin has the perfect place to keep her safe—in his bed. He’s fallen hard for the beauty but he fears his secrets might drive her away or put her in more danger. Ellie cannot resist her sexy bodyguard and promptly lands in his bed. She never wants to get out but the dark forces are gathering.

Seduced & Enchanted
fourth in the Magical Seduction series
Linchetto Rio de Feo has just met the woman of his dreams. Rosie Bianchi is smart, sexy, sweet…and cursed. She’s got an evil dead witch on her tail and a secret even she doesn’t know anything about. Rosie can’t believe her good luck. The gorgeous guy she just met is Prince Charming material. But after one night of hot sex, Rosie wakes up with magical powers and is thrust into a battle for her life. Love will need a little help and a little luck, but where there are enchanted roses and three godmothers, there’s magic.