GRACE IN MOONLIGHT releases tomorrow!

July is passing in a blur. WHAT A GODDESS WANTS released July 1 and I've been guest blogging all over the place but I'm also on deadline for GODDESS IN THE MIDDLE, the third book in the series so I've been a little lax hanging out here.

But tomorrow, July 20, GRACE IN MOONLIGHT, the fifth book in the Lucani Lovers series, releases, and I wanted to make sure everybody knew. This is Grace and Kaisie's story. Grace has done some bad things in her life but I hope after reading her story, you'll understand her and why she deserves the wonderful Kaisie. I love older men with more than a little experience and miles behind them. Yes, they're set in their ways but they're also confident and know what they want.

I hope you adore Kaisie as much as I do.

And just for the record, I think this cover may be one of my absolute favorites. It's by Syneca. Gorgeous, isn't it?

Hope you enjoy the excerpt below. There's also another one on my website here.

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Her back straightened and the tears dried in her eyes. “What exactly are you laughing at? None of this is funny.”
“You thinking you’re going to be leaving in a week is funny as all hell, woman. Where do you think you’re going to go? Amy won’t leave Mara behind and Mara’s almost ready to give birth so she’s not going anywhere. Alex likes it here. And admit it. So do you. Aren’t you sick of running yet? Besides, you’d miss me if you left.”
Every word was a jackhammer at her bruised heart. Every single word true. Except that last statement. Of course she wouldn’t miss him.
She wouldn’t miss his gorgeous face or those luminous green eyes or his strength. Or the way he’d made love to her that one stolen night that seemed so far away now. But had been less than two days ago.
He was right, of course. Where could she take her children and Mara where Ettore or the Mal wouldn’t find her?
Had she merely traded one prison for another? Why had the lucani allowed her to drag them into her battle?
“Why?” She shook her head as she spoke that one simple word.
Kaisie had stopped laughing but he still wore the ghost of a smile. “If you have to ask, you’re not ready for the answer.” He paused, his smile disappearing completely. “And now you need to stop obsessing for a few hours and get some sleep.”
“I don’t thi—”
He leaned forward, captured her chin in his hand and pressed his mouth over hers, cutting off whatever she’d been about to say. He kissed her, lips closed, eyes open. A promise. A threat. A vow that Grace found more than a little reassuring.
That kiss sapped the strength, the fight, right out of her. When he pulled away, she sank back into the pillow.
Her good hand was halfway to her lips but she forced it back down to her side.
Strangely, now she thought maybe she could sleep.
“Go to sleep. The entire mess will be here when you wake. And so will I.”
Stephanie Julian