WHAT A GODDESS WANTS is finally available!

Release Day has finally arrived for WHAT A GODDESS WANTS!

I'm thrilled that readers can finally begin the Forgotten Goddesses series and hope you all enjoy. It seems like it's taken forever for this day to be here.

You can find it at Amazon, B&N, Borders, All Romance E Books, Books A Million and many other outlets. If you happen to see it in a physical store, please post a shot on my Facebook page here or on twitter and make sure you tag me @StephanieJulian so I can see it and send you a token of my appreciation.

And here's a sexy little excerpt for you.


Lifting his gaze from her chest, he stared into her eyes for several seconds before setting the belt on the altar at his side, still within reach. Then he grabbed the hem of his shirt and whipped it over his head.

And her mouth became as dry as the Sahara. Oh, Blessed Goddess, the man should have been a god himself.

He had a truly magnificent chest, broad and hard and so well defined. Even though he couldn’t be in the sun, his skin held a slight tan that appeared even darker in the light of the oil lights. The muscles of his pecs bunched and shifted beneath that skin, though he wasn’t flexing or showing off. He merely had to move his arms, the biceps bulging with strength, to make his body respond in beautiful ways.

Her lips longed to suck on those flat brown nipples, peaked and hard. She wanted to taste him, bite him, and when she’d done that, she’d move down to the ridges of his abs, so clearly defined.

He had a faint sprinkling of dark hair over his chest that narrowed to a line that disappeared into the waistband of his black pants. She wanted to let her tongue follow that line as her fingers worked the button on those pants. She wanted to get her mouth on his cock again, to suck on him until he came in her mouth.

“You keep looking at me like that, and I won’t be responsible for my actions.”

With an effort, she drew her gaze back up his body, though her smile was gone. “What about your pants?”

“You do it. Just don’t touch my cock. You touch me and this may all be over.”

“You have too much control for that, Cal.”

“Not around you, apparently.” His voice hissed through clenched teeth as she carefully pushed the button on his pants through its hole. But she didn’t get to work on the zipper because Cal swore under his breath and lifted her onto the altar.

The smooth surface of the polished wood beneath her buttocks and thighs should have been cool to the touch, but she barely noticed it as Cal put his mouth over her lips and bullied his tongue past her teeth to curl around hers.

With both hands on her face, he controlled her head, moving her into the perfect position to ravage her mouth.

Her arms circled his broad shoulders before she splayed her hands flat against his back, feeling the play of muscle under his warm skin as his tongue teased and tempted.

The heat of his body felt like a furnace blast against her skin, but she wanted him pressed against her. She urged him closer until her breasts were flattened against his chest.

Then she felt him still.

Lifting his mouth from her, he let his lips brush against her cheek until he spoke directly into her ear. “Lie back and spread your legs. And don’t move.”