WHAT A GODDESS WANTS reviews are in and a new NEW release!

WHAT A GODDESS WANTS has been getting lots of love from the reviewers and I just can't tell you how freaking great that feels!

I'm so happy readers are responding to so well to Tessa and Cal's love story. Below are just a few comments. But first...

I have a release date for GRACE IN MOONLIGHT, Book 5 in the Lucani Lovers series.  JULY 20! That's two weeks. Woot! And whoa. My feet are paddling as fast as they can right now. Must eat more Junior Mints for energy.

Now to reviews:

A Bookworm's Haven: "There was fast paced action, hot romance, fascinating mythology and fantastic secondary characters that all make What a Goddess Want a must read. I am looking forward to the next book..."

Book Lovers Inc.: "What a Goddess Wants is a fantastic start for a series that will surely go directly onto my keeper shelf." 

The Long and Short of it: Whipped Cream Reviews: "What a Goddess Wants provides a thrilling and unique spin on the gods and goddesses of old while giving readers spice, passion and action all the way through."

Better With Books: "This book is one real page-turner. While one steaming hot scene may come to an end, you can only wonder what the next passion driven scene will be like (and there are a lot of them!) I can't wait for the next instalment of the The Forgotten Goddess series!!"

That's What I'm Talking About: "Cal and Tessa’s romance was a pleasure to read. As I said, the smex was smokin’ and I would definitely classify the book as erotic. Their pairing evolved seamlessly and their mutual desire tugged at my heartstrings."

Anna's Book Blog: A tale that is steeped in magic and mythology, I loved it. Stephanie Julian never fails to wow me. The suspense and passion are a driving force. I know I have said this before and it's still true, Stephanie's world building is amazing. What A Goddess Wants is fast, exciting and sizzling hot. Looking to crank up the heat this summer - then definitely check out this book.

Royal Reviews: "Stephanie Julian has created a brilliant world that the reader gets lost in. I do have to say that this is a very, very steamy read, I am a bit surprised that the pages were not scorched."