Cover Reveal: Goddess in the Middle

Every author has a love-hate relationship with covers. As the writer, you can give a description of the characters you see in your head but you can't totally convey that image to the cover artist so you're never quite sure what those creative minds will come up with.

I've been lucky. I've never gotten a cover I truly hated. And some are so beautiful, they take your breath away.

The covers for my Forgotten Goddesses series from Sourcebooks have all been beautiful and when the third arrived a few weeks ago, I couldn't click it open fast enough.

I was so NOT disappointed. It's gorgeous. I love it. And I hope you all will too. And yes, it's a menage. Remy and Rom are lucani, Etruscan wolf shifters, who fall for the beautiful Amity, Etruscan Goddess of Health. It will take both of them to protect her from the threat sent by the God of the Underworld.

To get the full effect, I think you need to see the entire series as a set. Beautiful,  yes?

Stephanie Julian