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Take one reclusive inventor. Throw him together with a disgraced heiress who can’t figure out exactly what it is she’s inherited. Add a few almost too-realistic automatons, a maid hardly anyone can understand and a couple of machines made for pleasure. What you have is the recipe for BEYOND PRUDENCE, a Steampunk romp of a novel.

This book was a blast to write. In the past most of my novels were fairly dark, but Prudence, William and their pals just kept lightening the atmosphere, making me giggle and have more fun than should be legal when writing a book. Yeah, they have issues, but don’t we all? Just because things are crazy, they seemed to be saying, there’s no reason not to have a rollicking good time while we get them sorted out.

Mind you, the hero and heroine seemed quite shocked by what they were doing to each other, and who can blame them? In their world respectability is worth its weight in gold, and what they’re up not only throws propriety out the window but kicks its arse down the street for good measure. And, at the end of the day, sometimes the things others value turn out to be not the most important after all. Sometimes you simply have to tell the world to go shag itself.

Preferably while the hero and heroine do a bit of shagging too, apparently.

Beyond Prudence is available now from Ellora’s Cave. You can read an excerpt here and watch the trailer here.

Thanks to Steph for having me here today, and I hope you’ll all be tempted to read Beyond Prudence.

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Anya Richards


The mysterious device in Prudence Hastings’ basement could be the answer to her prayers, if she could just figure out what it is. Needing William Foreman’s help, she’s prepared to do whatever it takes to gain it. Even putting aside her dislike of machines and volunteering to test the risqué apparatus he’s developing for the Acolytes of Concupiscence.

Will’s expecting a lightskirt for a test subject and is horrified when he realizes the tempting woman he just debauched is very much a lady. But despite his best intentions, something keeps drawing him back to her, and it isn’t just the thought of discovering the inner workings of her uncle’s last invention. Unlocking their passion is turning out to be a far more pleasurable, if dangerous, job.
Beset by desire, automatons, secrets, an unintelligible maid and the danger of utter ruin should their association become known, Will and Prudence haven’t a chance in hell of remaining unscathed.
Fire up the boiler, open the sluices and take cover. Something’s about to explode…
Stephanie Julian