Yes, it's November and my last post was Oct. 3. Bad Steph!

I do have an excuse. I was working on revisions for GODDESS IN THE MIDDLE. Pretty intensively, actually. But now that it's gone back to my editor, I'm starting to gear up for the release of HOW TO WORSHIP A GODDESS, Book 2 in the Forgotten Goddesses series.

I'm planning blogs, blogs and more blogs beginning Monday Nov. 14. We're gonna be talking Hockey Hunks. Lots of hot, hockey hunks. Make sure you stop back next Monday to join in. I'll also be devoting my Tumblr blog to hot hockey hunks (in addition to my other favorite subjects like books, music, TV and movies) as well, so be sure to check me out there.

Now, how about a little preview of HOW TO WORSHIP A GODDESS...

     Lucy’s gaze followed Brandon’s hands as he unbuttoned his shirt and toed off his sneakers.
    The man had huge hands, scarred and tough. She couldn’t wait to feel them against her naked skin. Her skin fairly vibrated with her desire and she took a deep breath, trying to calm her racing heart. She couldn’t remember ever being this nervous with a man before.
    She was a Goddess. She didn’t do nerves.
    But this man, this eteri, made her knees weak and her breasts ache in anticipation. And he hadn’t even taken off his shirt yet. His big fingers eased the buttons through the holes, making her wonder if maybe Brandon had done some stripping on the side because he made taking off his clothes an art. His fingers worked the buttons, making her long to have them on her nipples, pinching and caressing. She went wet just thinking about it.
    Each button revealed a tiny slice more of his golden skin, and when he finally got to the bottom and pulled the tails of his blue, button-down shirt out of his brown cargo pants, her gaze locked onto the masterpiece that was his body.
    He had broad, strong shoulders, one that bore the scars of a long-ago operation. And his chest begged for her hands to run over the light mat of dark hair, to pet him. From his chest, her gaze dipped to six-pack abs so defined she wanted to follow each rise and valley with her tongue. But the prominent bruise that covered most of his left side forced her to reconsider her desire to throw him on the bed and fuck him until they both collapsed.
    Blessed Goddess, that must be painful. How could he even bear to move his arm without flinching? Yet he did.
    She stepped closer and lifted her hand but stopped just short of touching him. She wanted to make that bruise go away. It made her angry to see how it marred his gorgeous skin.
    She had enough power to heal that injury. But what would she tell him when it miraculously disappeared?
    I’m an ancient Etruscan Goddess who has just enough power to heal bruises.
    Yeah, that would go over real well.
    “You’re hurt.”
    He shrugged, those broad shoulders moving so beautifully. “No, not really.”
    He was lying. She could tell by his nonchalant tone. And when she looked into his eyes, she saw he was worried about the injury. And that made her worry about it, too.
    What was wrong with her tonight? It wasn’t like this man was her mate. He was eteri. He was a fling for an evening, a man who had no idea who she really was. A man who wanted her simply because he thought she was desirable.
    Not because she was Lusna, Etruscan Goddess of the Moon.
    What would he say if she told him who she really was?
    His hands moved to his pants and her thoughts fractured as he popped the button. They hung so low on his hips, the tip of his erection emerged as soon as he started to unzip them.
    And, oh, Sweet Mother Goddess, his sex was just as gorgeous as the rest of him. His thick cock stood straight out from his body from a nest of dark curls, full and ruddy red, his balls heavy beneath. She wanted to go down on her knees and take him in her mouth. Something she’d never been able to do with any of her Fata or Enu lovers. They would’ve been scandalized.

    She’d never had an eteri in her bed, had never met one who evoked this heated response from her. Was it hormonal, something to do with the moon cycle? The full moon would rise in only two days. No, she couldn’t blame her reaction on the moon. She simply wanted him.

HOW TO WORSHIP A GODDESS is set for release December 1 but will probably be showing up on bookstore shelves very soon. Let me know if you see it. Send me a pix. I love those.
Stephanie Julian