Justin from SEDUCED BY MAGIC always has a smile on his face. He's quick to laugh and there's not much that doesn't roll off his back.

So when he wakes to find himself sharing a bed with a woman with wings, his first thought is, "Holy shit, I'm right. Fairies are real."

Only, this woman isn't a fairy, she's a folletta and woe to the man who likens her to one of those pasty English types.

Luckily for Justin, Scarlata takes a liking to him. Lucky Scarlata that he decides he wants to stay by her side. Forever.

When I started writing SEDUCED BY MAGIC, I had a picture of Josh Lucas in mind the entire time. It's that smile and those blue eyes, the way those eyes light up when he smiles. Who wouldn't give this man anything he wants when he smiles are you?

SEDUCED BY MAGIC is the first in the Magical Seduction series. The price has been reduced at most vendors to $2.99 or below.

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