THE BIGGER THEY ARE... is on sale!

THE BIGGER THEY ARE... is on sale!

This is the second book in the Lovers on the Fringe and features Andy, seven feet of hot, exotic male who can turn into the Abominable Snowman, and Jenna, who would rather believe in Santa Claus than cryptids. You'll also get to say hi to Fry the fairy and Carrie Benton from SIZE MATTERS, the first book in the series.

This series is different than anything else I write and has its roots in the Weekly World News tabloid that I adored. This series has off-the-wall, slapstick humor and combines my lifelong love of all things weird. TV shows like "In Search Of...," "Ghost Hunters," "Destination: Truth," "Ancient Aliens" and "Finding Bigfoot" and books like CHARIOTS OF THE GODS, THE LOST CITIES series and THE ATLANTIS BLUEPRINT are catnip to me. If the History Channel has a day devoted to documentaries on Mayan prophecy, sex rituals of the ancient Romans and Egyptian curses, I feel I've hit the lottery. 

If you're interested, you can buy the books at one of the links below. And please stick around for the excerpt.

Ellora's Cave

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Andy had noticed the car parked up the lane as soon as he’d leaned against the porch railing and looked out into the dark forest.

His night vision was good enough to make out the woman in the car. A damn pretty woman who stared at him as if he were an exhibit in a sideshow.

What the hell was she doing here? Who the hell was she? And how the hell had she gotten here?

He didn’t recognize her, which didn’t mean anything.

Except…she smelled totally Normal.

Edible but Normal.

Which meant she really shouldn’t be out there staring at the Mystyk Bar as if she’d stumbled onto Shangri-La. Which was absolutely worth staring at for hours.

The outside of the Mystyk…not so much.

Good thing he hadn’t shifted to go lumbering through the forest to the cabin he and Fry had rented.
He’d thought maybe he’d get lucky and scare the crap out of a long-haul trucker or two as he made a “classic Bigfoot crossing”.

That show Finding Bigfoot on Animal Planet had become one of his not-to-be-missed pleasures in life. And that skeptical scientist was kinda hot.

Though not as hot as the girl in the car.

What was she doing here?

Probably better go find out before anyone else walked out of the bar. Didn’t want her to get the bright idea that she needed to get out of the car and investigate. Some of the other Mystyk patrons might not be so willing to divert her attention.

They’d mess with her mind for a while then scare the hell out of her until she thought she was crazy.
Of course, maybe he’d found the perfect diversion for his boredom.

Messin’ with Normals ranked high on his Most Enjoyable Pastimes list.

Stepping off the porch, he headed toward her car, watching her eyes get bigger with every step he took. With his hands in the pockets of his oldest, most comfortable jeans and a tight blue t-shirt that matched his eyes, he knew he looked pretty damn good.

Women had been known to swoon at the sight of him.

Of course, just as many had run in the opposite direction, so that pretty much dealt with most of the ego he might’ve developed.

When he reached the car and leaned down to knock on the window, he decided to start with charm. Save the scare tactics in case the charm failed.

Which he hoped didn’t happen because, wow, the lady was a looker.
Her hair was shorter than his, a pretty chocolate brown that perfectly matched those wide eyes and fluttered all around her adorable face.

She had soft, rounded features that reminded him of that actress, Reese Witherspoon. Pretty, sweet. The kind of girl you took home to meet Mom. Not the kind of girl you wanted to strip naked and pin up against a wall.

Which was exactly what he wanted to do.

His smile widened and so did her eyes.

“Hey. You okay out here?”

She opened her mouth but he didn’t hear anything come out. Her cheeks flushed bright red, showing up as blotches of color on her milk-pale skin.

Her gaze dropped to the steering wheel and she took a deep breath.

Now she could be frightened. A seven-foot guy walks out of a ramshackle building in the middle of nowhere and knocks on your car window.

Most people might have cause to fear for their life. Or at least wonder if he hid a chainsaw or meat hook behind his back.

But he didn’t think that was what was going on here.

She looked…gobsmacked. In a good way.

In the same way he felt.

He really freaking hoped he wasn’t reading her wrong, and he usually had a good sense for these things.

Of course, there had been that one time with that beautiful cat shifter… He’d mistaken a hiss for something other than a warning and… Well, chicks dug scars, right?